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Raingoaway Jun 2016
after school we'd sit on the bench,
some obscure opera song -
loudly playing on the neighbor's radio
and I'd laugh at your annoyed face
you said that you don't get it
and I tell you that I like it
that its calming
and you proceed to rest your head
on my shoulders, as if you'd sleep
but you never did
oh how I missed those times
Raingoaway Aug 2015
When I had your arms wrapped around me
It felt like I was on top of the world
It was exhilarating,
But at the same, forbidden.
Deep down, I know that I left a part of my heart with you even as I pulled away.
Raingoaway Aug 2015
You asked me to be yours again in my dreams,
And because Im such a sucker for you, I agreed.
You were so happy, and in turn, so was I.
But all dreams end, and when I woke, that wonderful feeling turned into this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach.
And I hate it. I hate that you can still affect me when I know that I dont even cross your mind.
Raingoaway Aug 2015
I always thought how cliché we were,
'You liked me, I liked you.' became
'You loved me. I love you.'
But then, clichés weren't meant to last were they?
Raingoaway Aug 2015
One day,
Ill be the one to mention your name like you didnt mean so much to me.

So many years have gone by after all.
I hope that day'll come soon.
Raingoaway Aug 2015
You were all I ever wanted
And I thought you wanted me too
Too bad that I was only an option
Just coming to number 2

— The End —