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 Mar 2016 raine miller
 Mar 2016 raine miller
You peel
back the
& we are
the same,
beneath flesh,
as scaly fish
beneath the
of a lake,
life clearer
now judged
by the
weight of
        a soul,
shaped versus
deep bowl
too heavy
          to hold,
things obscure
before stand
        clear as
stars pressed
the night sky,
as your red
twisted veins
in hand with
 Mar 2016 raine miller
She was nature, beautiful
But deadly, her cheeks as
Scornful as a rose, the smile hid
The thorns underneath.

Her presence though unseen,
Could be felt, like the sun's warm
Breath on bare winter skin.

She led him somewhere secret
As the night lures the stars,
As clouds gorge on the
Fragile light of the moon.

Over the crumbled bodies
Of leaves, into the alien
Land of tranquility.

When he woke, hands burning,
There was nothing left to see.
Only a faint feeling glistening
In the air, a failing heart and
A tongue full of dreams.
© copyright
You taste like
tornado broken shards of glass,
which is to say, blood.
For that is all I taste
when consuming the crackling
pieces of lost hopes and homes.
I wrote this with a fever as apparently I have nothing better to do when delirious from some illness.
i keep waking up with blood in my mouth and i never know how it got there. i say your name 3 times like i'm coming home and it's gone. i don't know how. i had this dream the other night where i saw all my memories with you in them except now it's raining in all of them. i don't know what that's supposed to mean but if it's gotta rain somewhere, it might as well be in me. i want all of the sunshine to be left for you. the last memory that i saw in the dream was of us sitting in your car outside of barnes & noble, when you told me about the spot they found in the scan. the honesty in your voice sold out any of the courage you tried to feign for me. i asked you if you were afraid. you said it was all in God's hands. i asked you if you were afraid. you said yes. we sat in the car, under that dark, peculiar rain and i cursed the hands of whoever is up there holding your life so carelessly. maybe i'm a hypocrite or maybe i'm hopeless but i went back to church the next day. i counted all the times they promised you eternal life wishing just one of them would be true. if he really washed you white with his blood i wanna know what that white blood was tending. i counted all the times i wasn't patient with you and wished you hadn't wasted so much precious breath on someone so ungrateful. i counted all the tears, all the goodnight hugs and i love you kisses that your chest has ever known and prayed that there is enough hope in them to fight off whatever it is inside you that's trying to **** you. i'm sorry for whatever i left inside of you 18 years ago that didn't sit well with your bones. i'm sorry for all the bad blood i've caused.
i still wonder if you feel like a black hole without me.
i wanna know if i could ever hold you
in any kind of orbit
or if all i am to you is a moon.
if the only kind of body i am to you has nothing to do with outer space.
if all we are is
dust and tears and exit signs.
a star of burning conscience falls out of orbit and you find yourself, a moon, on a collision course with this boy of light beams. the world is startled into being when he does not break you but reflects from your surface. it's like he has been in you all along, since the universe was only a child picking the gravel of planets out of its skinned knees. after the crash i picked broken glass out of your chin but your chest wasn't so simple. i couldn't pull a shard of her without your whole heart coming with it. you had saturn's rings for rib bones and i thought loving you would be easier.
a sort of precursor to "quasar". i've been really enjoying the space themes lately if you haven't noticed.
 Dec 2015 raine miller
 Dec 2015 raine miller
what a strange species we are.

to burn so brightly for a lifetime
that we might have stolen the sun.

to die heartbeats later, light wasted,
remembered only in your photographs.
those sites finally took down my stolen work! yaaay!

i've got a heckuva lot of stuff backed up. that'll be going up over the next couple of weeks.
 Dec 2015 raine miller
Nigel Finn
Words are harmless, so they say,
That's where the problem starts;
Sticks and stones
May break our bones
But words will break our hearts.

Words are harmless, so they say,
And point you to their charts;
It's harmless fun,
No damage done.
But... Who will mend our hearts?

The x-rays show no damage
Where words have scathed across,
But it still feels hard to manage,
And leaves you at a loss.

Words are harmless, don't complain,
That's where the problem starts.
It's quite absurd-
A single word-
Enough to break our hearts!

But words are harmless, they maintain;
The subject of their parts,
No less or more,
So let them pour
From all our broken hearts
“Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts” is a quote I have stolen directly from Robert Fulghum.
In my defence, he'd already stolen half of that quote himself.
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