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RainbowBlessings Mar 2015
Blanket of Snow On A Hill

In the state of NY upon a hill
A Blanket of Snow was so real
Right before my very eyes
A blanket of snow a surprise
On my way to another state
This photograph I had to take
Nothing moving not a sound
A blanket of snow on ground
On the ground the snow lies
Glittering before my eyes
Every branch on every tree
Snow covered I could see
The beauty of New York City
A Blanket of Snow so pretty
How I will forever behold
It's beauty from the road
The winter wind it doth blow
Through the trees and snow
Blowing through leafless trees
Calms ones spirit right at ease
Softly singing a calm melody
Beckons the call for all to see
The chill of the morning snow
Fills the air of Gods pure glow
All white down the mountain
A stream of frozen fountain
Snow on hill will fade away
To brighten Gods given day
Picture perfect it doth seem
Only something you'd dream
Words hardly cannot convey
Of the beauty I saw that day

WrittenBy: Barbie Kirk 03-01-15 7:25pm   - See more at:­AT515.dpuf
RainbowBlessings Mar 2015
Jesus Until The End

From time to time we
may loose a friend,
But Jesus will stay with
us until the end.

It doesn't matter how
long is the road,
He'll still stay for in
the Bible this we're told!

If you have a broken heart
he'll be happy to mend,
Your heart back again
and be your friend!

Jesus until the end,
Will be your friend!

This message to you
I dearly send,
Jesus will stay with
you until the end!

WrittenBy: Barbie Kirk
01-28-15 5:54 pm

© Barbie Kirk . All rights reserved, 3 days ago

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RainbowBlessings Mar 2015
My Journey With The Lord

My journey with the Lord
I'm completely satisfied,
For he's always with me
daily; walks side by side.

The Lord is my leader my
guide and my friend,
He'll travel my journey
with me until the very end.

I'll go wherever he leads,
For he'll supply my needs.

I have become so so excited
My journey he's enlightened

With him leading I'll stay on
the right track,
No wasted years and I'm not
turning back!

My journey with Jesus; Gods only Son,
Will soon be Oer' ; The victory will be won!

My journey with The Lord is
more that words can convey,
My calling and gift of poetry
he's given to me in life's way!

At the end of life when I'm dying
No more writing poetry; No
more rhyming.

(c) All rights reserved
WrittenBy: Barbie Kirk
03-04-15 6:13 pm
RainbowBlessings Mar 2015
Angels Prays At Night

I woke up in the middle
of the night,
The room was really
black from no light.

But I thought I saw an
Angel over my bed,
At first I thought I was
dreaming or maybe dead.

I tried to open my eyes
real wide,
To see if the Angel really
did reside.

I look again to see where
the Angel was,
My eyes still sleepy and
blurry with a little fuss.

As I looked over to where
the Angel could be,
I heard a whisper of a prayer
that she was praying for me.

Now I know that Angels
prays at night,
And I'll be safe and
everything will be alright.

WrittenBy: Barbie Kirk
02-28-15 8:00am

© Barbie Kirk . All rights reserved, 4 days ago

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RainbowBlessings Nov 2014
Love Whisper In December

As I write these words to you
This is what I want you to do

Listen to what I have to say
For their whispers of obey

Whispers from my me to your ear
Only written for you to only hear

A sweet soft touching melody
Just for you to sing and see

A note from a mountain
Flowing from a fountain

Within the depth of my soul
It's like a calm river that flow

Like a rainbow in the sky
Don't ever ask me why

Why I truly love you so
Dear you'll never know

Just always be a part
Of my loving heart

Forever I'll be true
Cause I Love You

So when you see a white dove
Thats a sign of my true love

When you see a rainbow
That's a sign you'll know

And my love always
This is a love whisper
in December

WrittenBy:Barbie Kirk
11-23-14 1:45am
Author Notes

© Barbie Kirk . All rights reserved, a day ago

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Love Poem
RainbowBlessings Nov 2014
I Love Pie & You Sweetie Pie!

I Love Pie & You Sweetie Pie

Love pumpkin pie its so good
Awe taste just like it should

Love lemon pie with a
touch of ****
Love it deep down in my

I love jello pie it's
so sweet
The way it wiggles
it's so neat!

Love pie of banana cream
And chocolate is my dream

I love blueberry too
It's so good & blue

I love BlackBerry too awe
so sweet and black
Pick em right off the vines
and put em in a sack

I love apple pie topped
with cheese
Oh and make that a scoop
of val ice cream please

Oh and also the Apple Dutch
Oh how I love it so much!

Custard Boston and
Zesty Lime,
Whip Cream Humble and
Rhubarb all the time!

Quick Set Frozen Cream
Pie and Oreo Cookie Crust
Sweet Tatter and Velvet
Turtle Now that's a must!

But my favorite pie
of all is true
That's my favorite pie
"Sweetie Pie" it's you!

11-24-14 5:09am

© Barbie Kirk . All rights reserved, 16 hours ago
RainbowBlessings Nov 2014
Missing You At Christmas

Mother, I didn't think I'd ever see the day
On Christmas you are not here but away

Mother, It just doesn't seem
right at all
When I speak your name you
don't answer my call

But it was in Gods loving plan that day
To call you to Heaven our home far away

But Mother God only takes the very best
So Mother I guess you passed the test

Oh Mother I still miss you
down here I'm sure you know it
During this Christmas season
I just want to cry and cry while I sit

House all pretty Christmas
Tree bright baking in the oven
All is perfect then I turn and  speak to you
but it's just the presence of your lovin'

Mother what's Christmas
like in Heaven?
Does the Holiday Season
start in the month of 11 ?

Oh dear Mother will this
ever get any better?
Missing You At Christmas
this is the end of my letter!

Love, Barbie
11-22-14 2;07am
WrittenBy:Barbie Kirk
PROMPT 22 Missing You At Christmas

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PROMPT 22 Missing  You At Christmas
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Missing my Mother
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