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  Aug 2015 rain
Satyan Sharma
Not for me
does the sun burn,
not for me
does the earth turn,
not for me
do the waters flow,
not for me
does the moon glow.
not for me
do the birds sing,
not for me
do the birds not sing.
We are not
a family of loved ones,
we are not
companions in hate either,
we are just here now,
may be living till then
may be not.

It’s no beauty nor ugliness,
neither chaos nor finesse.
We’re in a maze,
trying to figure out,
what’s it all about.
Some say accident,
some say miracle,
some say a hole,
some say the pinnacle.

It isn’t a story
but an act extempore,
some act slavish,
some act free.

Until we figure it out,
Let us love each other all out.
Let us hold our warmth
in our embraces,
Soothe me when
my heart races.

Even if I never figure it out,
I’d know what love is about,
You could become my universe,
And I’d soothe myself knowing you,
If I ever could.

I be for you,
You be for me,
Let us love each other all out,
Even if we don’t figure it out.

Let us love each other
So that a few more verses are born
To crawl majestically on the thorn
Of the fear to lose the one you love
To finally get bruised and scattered
Letter by letter
Fetter by fetter,
falling apart and joining the letters of past
which fell like these long time back,
waiting for some more to fall in the future.

Scared you seem,
I wanted you to be,
So you love me
and never leave,
and spare my verses,
my letters.

Promise me you won’t be
like a sun or a moon to me,
I’ve told you my heart,
Don’t tear it apart.
But if you ever do that,
Do it like an art,
Be delicate,
Pierce me with a barbule,
The wound be like a mark,
A mark of my love,
And of your move so dark.
  Aug 2015 rain
rained-on parade
Cyclonic is your kind of adjective;
I suppose I was born to love storms
like you.

I could never really keep my hands to
myself. Nor my mouth. Or my words.

I love you like hurricanes love destruction
and mornings love reckoning.
My life is a series of misfortunes disguised as experience.
  Aug 2015 rain
Satyan Sharma
Blacker than the black is my white,

Deeper than the earth’s core is my flight,

Brighter than the day is my night,

Shorter than an electron is my height.

Stupid or crazy though it may sound,

We’ve all got a bush to beat around,

It’s all pictures & imagination,

What’s a wise or stupid creation?

Close so close is the ultimate real,

Yet so far ’cause our gates so shut,

It’s just a peep what we finalise,

As the ultimate truth, but.

I cannot say what I am,

I’ve made a story, a lyric for it,

It could be false like many,

But just as the truth, so uncanny.
rain Jun 2015
Snare me like a midsummer night dream
In the vaults of your soul

Tempt me with the sweetest of your care

Pour me your love like  the oldest red wine
While we lay thoughtless amid the
Shrubs of scarlet roses and white lillies
Spotless and eternal

High on our own secret love
Roaming with a destiny unknown
Coiled in the mysteries unplumbed

Sniffing every thought
Hearing every beat
Careless whispers brushing our hearts
While we shudder at the impermanence
Still holding on to every desire bare ahead of us

Counting fireflies and sleeping daffodils
Searching for scars in the silver moon
Staring at the unchained clouds
Lusting aisles of each other's hidden dreams
Drinking every wordless feeling

Like rains and like hurricanes
Farther than the sky
Deeper than the ocean

Into nothing and everything
We dissolve
Entwined like the vine
Forgetting Sanity
Unremembering world
undoing selves
Becoming imperfect and whole.
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