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 Mar 2018 Rae Slager
Ciel Noir
 Mar 2018 Rae Slager
Ciel Noir
We are such            clever creatures to divide
Most everything             into its different sides
With chaos versus             order, dark and light
The stark duality of         wrong and right
We even split the very        world in two
With human versus human,       we and you
But still no matter how much      we divide
Each thing has infinitely many      sides
Along this rusty railing
sits a fairy who smokes cigarettes
and prays for all of the busy people
that walk by
with their eyes to the sidewalk,
who have given up on writing
their own songs.
She sees children in expensive suits,
asking stupid questions like,
"What is the thread count on this piece?"
She prays and laughs at herself,
but her days of crying are over.
People are like corks
flying off of champagne bottles.
 Oct 2017 Rae Slager
JB Claywell
We are all moths
seeking the moon
but finding streetlights



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 Oct 2017 Rae Slager
 Oct 2017 Rae Slager
Take your needle, and paint my skin
Tattoo over, under and across my territory, so they won't see inside me
Pervade my body with rainbows of pain

With Striking colours, hide the black and grey mass of my being

Take my skin to another land
Where flowers bloom, fairytales live and rainbows glow
Where my heart is hidden

I hide myself well, my skin draped with powerful ink
It's how I protect
How I live behind
How I survive
you tried to feed
me stardust
sway and hold me
as we danced

you tried to make a home
out of me
open my shutters
let the light
flood inside
push sheer magenta
curtains aside

you tried to run
your fingers reverently
over my rosewood

you tried to ***** my home
raise it from the island
kiss my lips after broken
storms hold my hands in your own convince me that you  replaced my old
broken doors
peeling paint and vinyl siding

you tried to
feed me stardust
sway and hold me
as we danced

you tried to make
a home out of me
but I was really an island
ready to be claimed
by the fire and the sea
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