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Rae Slager Mar 2018
some days
we need to remind ourselves
it's ok to be happy

to smile

say hello to new people
and tell them their hair looks nice

to bake a dozen muffins
two dozen
and share them with those you love

to listen to your favorite song on repeat
max volume
bass nice and high

to roll your windows down
feel crisp air brush against your cheeks
the sun kissing you and letting you know
you are loved

to scream at the top of your lungs


and give sustenance to your soul
Feed your soul
Rae Slager Mar 2018
I told him,
"I'm scared I'll drag you down"

and he looked me in the eyes
and he said,

I'll carry you on my shoulders"

and for this reason
I will be his wings
I'm feeling the love tonight
Rae Slager Mar 2018
I love you most in the morning,
before you wake--
when you are neither man,
nor lover,
nor mine

I love you most when you are.

Before breakfast
before worries
before loving

What thoughts dance through your head,
I do not know


They are.

And they are you.

And they are beautiful.
Boys can be beautiful too
Rae Slager Oct 2017
You don't go to IHOP
at 3AM
for scrambled eggs
and bacon.
At least,
that's not the life I want to live.
you go to IHOP at 3AM
for cupcake pancakes
with a Reddi-Wip smile
and a warm cup of hot chocolate.
You go for explosive laughter
for tired eyes
for falling in love.
You go to IHOP
at 3AM
for memories
that will last a lifetime
and friendships
you hope
will never end.
is for drowning your worries
in blueberry syrup.
For being alive.
For being human.
Rae Slager Oct 2017
he found salvation
and then proceeded
to pull its trigger
There's always help.
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