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The moon and the sun
Together once stood
When the heavens were young
And the world yet good

They sang together
Across the blue sky
Of far off things
Unseen by the eye

In time however
They grew apart
No longer together
Of one shared heart

The sun grew lonely
The moon jeleous and bitter
As they took their turns
Setting the world aglitter

Long ages past
Infinite orbits revolved
Yet the two celestial's problem
Could not be resolved

The pain of loneliness
And that of regret
Struck the two bodies
Every time that they set

Tired and lonely
The sun reached out
And lended its light
That healing might sprout

And though together
They could never again be
They shared their light
Over both land and sea

That is why the moon
Carries the light of the sun
Long after it sets
When the day is done

And Ever do they sing
Carrying on that ancient tune
That once they sung together
United sun and moon
But how can you blame her?
She fell in love once.
With a boy who need saving himself.
She did everything
but there was no end to it.
She realized he need not
to be saved but to be loved.
It was all or nothing
But having it all was too much for you
You decided to go with nothing
 Jun 2016 Racquel Tio
Vanessa M
i want your thoughts tangled in my hair
so i can brush them off one by one
and crumble them so you won't have to deal with the knots on your mind
 Jun 2016 Racquel Tio
Vanessa M
you remind me of how easily paper crinkles
i have to fold you neatly and press you between pages of heavy old books so you won't tear
 Jun 2016 Racquel Tio
Vanessa M
boys say the girl is ugly,
but when they have her lying naked on their bed
they say she's beautiful
I hate boys.
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