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I cannot seem to evade this sense of doom,
From the feeling of constantly failing when I was meant to bloom.
  Oct 2018 Racquel Davis
Christina S
The years first snowfall
An outcry in October
Tears on painted leaves

It is insane to be having snow so soon!!
  Oct 2018 Racquel Davis
Sahir Bhat
It's the war that  keeps me alive,

a mercy to let me die.
  Mar 2018 Racquel Davis
She Writes
I want you to take me
Savagely, passionately, madly
Crash into me

Let all your worries melt away
Insatiable need replacing all thoughts
With lust, desire, craving

Breath shaking
Bodies aching
Don’t stop

Lost in a sea of sweat
And waves of sheets
Drown in me

Bodies enterwine
Possession: you are mine
Never leave me
  Dec 2017 Racquel Davis
I saw a Man both Lean and Hard,
Who smiled at me with warm regard.
As I notice the Bulge within his jeans,
I stretch out my hand. to stroke his seams.
And see the Size of his Manhood Rise,
From Soft Flesh, before my eyes.
Then Kissing the Now Swollen Tip,
As it Slides between my trembling Lips.
Engulfed within, my Lips Now Part,
I feel the Beating of his Heart.
His sighs give rise to other tones
As I Hear the coming of His Moans
And he Collapses, Having Spent
His sweet Manhood now Content.
JMF '98
All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
  Dec 2017 Racquel Davis
Blood come, blood lust
Pulse and closed trickle
Pledged and disloyal
Come beckon her closer

The red grin dismantles
Flesh as well as the cleaver
Pain left drowned within
Infinite desire

And heir blackens and boils
Skin softer than petals
Split apart for the curious /
The insatiable

Come beckon her closer
Come beckon her closer
We all die in the moment
And live for nothing.
8:17pm, November 28th 2013

Desire, attachment, replacement.
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