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Sherenna May 13
I once dreamed of love,
A love that is so pure,
A love that is so kind

The day I bumped into a single road,
Was the day I bumped into love I never expected.

Love has never crossed my mind,
Not ever.
But love comes unexpectedly,
At times where I least expected it.

But love is so kind,
Love is so pure,
Love streghten my wings,
Love leads a journey to an infinite galaxy.

And love is no longer a dream.
Sherenna Apr 13
She once stared at the moon
Once tears rolled down, and tears broke free
She felt the breeze sweeping in
Until there were no tears to shed

Eyes locked to the beauty of the moon
When the scarlet tears drip from her vein
When the frantic soul was screaming and crying of a broken child
And the wind has solemnly left  her bare
Sherenna Mar 30
I am losing you,
I am losing her,
I am losing him,
Where am I?
Lost in an unknown world,
Trapped in my own world.

I lost you
I lost her
I lost him,
Where am I?
Stranger, stranger, stranger,
So familiar yet so strange,
I am lost in my own world,
A world I created my own.

I've lost you,
I've lost her,
I've lost him,
I am sorry,
For what I am a sinner.
Sherenna Nov 2019
One sleepless boy
Falling to the deepest of the ocean
Looking for himself in the ocean waves
Little boy, it was just a dream

One sleepless boy
Running through an unending maze
Walking through an unending road
Little boy, it was just a dream

One sleepless boy
He is running through a neverending dream
A beautiful and horrifying dream of a one sleepless boy

-Inspired by a girl named Jessica-
This poem was inspired by a lovely girl named Jessica - she wrote a story of a sleepless boy, who was afraid to be caught in his dream.
Sherenna Oct 2019
To hang on the threads of our past,
and to let them coil around my neck
Darling, I could not bear anymore.
I'm taking a step back
as I let you bloom another flower.
Now is time for me to travel alone
as I say goodbye to whom I thought was a home
Darling, the past is now ours to release.
Sherenna Oct 2018
The love was a glassworks,
but I am longing to see you.

Your love has never left me afraid,
as your love has always been part of my journey.
Sherenna Jul 2018
The second cold night,
She heard no wind making sound
Left her with the noise of silence
And her poor broken heart,
Left to be scattered apart.

By the day has come,
Her heart is nowhere to be found
As the night has brought her along with its soul.
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