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Rachel Jun 2015
as we kissed
i felt lost in your world,
entwined in your universe,
wrapped in your thoughts,
part of your mind,
now the thought of your
lips brushing mine
is but a memory,
an empty promise,
a moment of heat,
a rush of desire,
that I will never, ever forget.
Rachel Jun 2015
Are quite like people
(or perhaps people are like daisies)

In full bloom in the light
But in the shade they hide away,
Wallowing in self pity.

Allowing themselves to be picked on
and trampled into a million pieces,
By letting people walk over them.

So pretty
Yet so humble,
Their beauty goes unnoticed, even by themselves.

Until one day someone treasures it
and falls hopelessly in love with the humble daisy,
Preferring it over the other daisies.

Then finally the daisy shrinks
to a tatty mess,
no longer young and beautiful-
again this has little structure and was written when I was 15!
Rachel Apr 2015
I want to feel your lips on mine
a tingle, a breath
a kiss of death
a stolen whisper lost in time
a spark, a heartbeat
a rush of heat
with tiny stars behind your eyes
an evening full of countless sighs,
dainty dimples and forgotten smiles
I feel the passion intensify
as you wrap your arms, around mine
we spiral into neverland
a rabbit hole, hand in hand
until the stars succumb the night
a faded memory, a dying light
you are my dreaded silver knight,
this has no structure ha

— The End —