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every person you meet is an endangered species.
don't put them in a cage to look at them,
but love them because there is no one else similar
You are my coffee
Not just in the morning
You keep me awake even at night
With thought of you that's never ending
Thank you for chosing this piece for the Daily.  This is my first so I am so happy, grateful and more inspired to write.
If you've a writer's block,
Keep chiselling.
You'll get relief
When you release the piece.
He made sure to show I belonged to him.
And of course his trade mark,
was a bruise.
i'm not religious,
not even in the slightest way,
but when i look into your eyes
i see heaven.
and the streets are
paved with gold,
just as the flecks around your iris
in the light.
i taste redemption on your tongue.
i drink it up.
if there is no heaven,
there's no hell.
but i have been there and back,
for this, i am sure of.
the heat rose from the tip of my toes
to the scalp of my head.
i have seen demons.
i have seen the dark.
no light. no salvation.
but i'd pray,
if i prayed,
for a second chance with heaven.
sew on the pair of angel wings
back into my shoulders.
open the gates.
i have been on my knees for you
and don't think i won't do it again.
Use all the combinations of consonants,
Blends, short and long i's;
Try intonation or diphthongs;
Resort to linguists;
Spell in Welsh.
You can't approximate
The muted sound
Of a breaking heart.
You may not agree
With their point of view,
But you must concur,
Unbelievers can write
Some **** good
Ungodly love poetry.
Were you born into wealth
As a lonely heir;
Are you rutted in poverty
And don't want to be there?

Did you emigrate,
And take your world with you;
Are you an immigrant,
And find one that fits you?

Were you born a she
That should be a he;
Do you feel the red shame?
Are you gifted,
Do you think you're insane?

Was your upbringing
In a scholar's home;
Did dear old Dad leave
You alone to go roam?
Should you blame Mommy's drinking
For your lack of get-go?

Did a brother abuse you
When you were young;
Did no one amuse you
At night with a song,
Or read bed-time stories,
Or say Good-night
With a hug?

Whether well-fed
Or well-read,
You've a future
Not used,
A conscious decision
To do what you choose.

Whatever the condition
Of your initial on-set,
Whatever's your story,
*It's not over yet.
And a thousand other hurdles we face to better this world for our children and ourselves.
I believe
In the shameless love of this life;
Not in a previous or afterlife.
I don't believe
In reincarnation, transmigration
Ascension or decesnsion.
And all the sepulchres concur.

I believe in Christ,
Not Christianity or Protestantism.

I believe in Muhammad,
Not Islam
(And this list goes on).

I don't believe in banshees,
Astral projection or any OBE.
I don't believe in gnomes or trolls,
Elves, sprites and witches,
Nirvana, Valhalla, Heaven or Hell.
And I believe
I won't be disappointed.

I believe in politics,
Not politicians.

I believe in the Arts
(All of them),
And humanity,
And You,
The healers and teachers.

Oh Spirit,
Where is it?
I don't believe hovering souls
Listen to eulogies.
I don't believe in death-bed conversions
Just because...

I believe in a living consciousness,
I Am That I Am,
And that's what I am.

I will not go gently,
For I know,
There's nothing
To worry about.
Tip of the cap to Dylan Thomas for the line.
last year,
you fell in love with a boy
that only wanted your virginity
and you gave it to him on a silver platter
so you could remember what love feels like
but babygirl,
it's not love
if he only loves you for what's between your legs
it's not love
if the only thing he compliments you on
is the way your hips are formed
it's not love
if every time you said no
he ignored it

that boy is not your lungs
you can breathe without him,
i promise
he is not your atlas
never let someone
that doesn't care about the way
your continents took form
hold your world on their shoulders
*because when they crumble,
you will too
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