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 Feb 2014 Rachel Mary
Hold me up on your shoulders
back against the wall
look up between my thighs
teasing inside, tongue & all.

Lay me down
on the soft blanket of your bed,
& kiss me all the way up
to my lips.

Open my legs
pin my hands
above my head
& tease me with your hips.

Now baby,

I want you to push your perfectly proportioned shaft, inside my tight woven *****. Rub my ****** & ******* while your rhythm makes me go crazy.  
Increase the tempo of your symphony, arching my back- you make me gasp.
You make me scream.
Oh make it last!
Feel the swell
Feel the pulse
Nails in your back
Body convulse
10, 9, 8,
My whole body starts to shake
7, 6, 5, 4
Baby spread my ***** like I'm a *****
a squirter is always 10 times the fun.
lucky him, but I'm even luckier.
Soon the Moon may take
Slip the rope from the harbour of my body
and cast me
out to sea.
My hand stroking the silky water
whilst I watch the silent scream,
the dream, of myself floating away,
whilst the anchor of my mind
and Unencumbered.
Turning instead to foam on the

One day.

Soon the Moon may take
And make me once more it's own.
Letting loose the beast within and allowing
it one more roam.
Freedom at last.
All that is past dropping from it as
a bit from the steed which will
no more
sit a rider.
I will hide her.
Useful only to me.

If you could but see.

Soon the Moon may take
Cutting loose the rope which binds
my arms to flesh,
and heart to mind.
Letting free the wings to fly into
the sky of tear strewn clouds.
Once more allowed the bitterly taken

What could mean less?

The moon may take me
Break me
But I will never allow me to
Forsake thee.

My boat would find your port
My beast your stable
My wings your pedestal.
I am your own
You are my Home,
and so I shall never allow myself to roam
without you.

Never shall I abandon you alone.
My mistakes do not vindicate your mistakes.
My wrong does not make your right.
My folly does not justify your folly.

Ad hominem all the way down.
It is not three millimeters.
Or maybe it is
And its symbolic.
A short distance compared to
The mile that is my life.

No. Its the
Three Month Mark.
The thing I'm scared of.
Every time I've tried something,
And I've been happy,
It ends at three.
Three something.
or Months.

We've passed a few of those,
But "months" is coming.
I hope it's wrong.
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