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Aug 10 · 199
few words
Aug 6 · 204
the stars will always
remind me of you.
- now the night sky leaves me aching.
Aug 1 · 216
before you,
i never cared
for the colour blue.
to me it was cold,
distant, vast
but now, all i see
is the colour of your eyes
bluer than any ocean,
sending waves
crashing through me
each time they meet mine.
i find myself reaching for it,
instead of ice, i see fire
and i find comfort in the flames.
be gentle with him. you won't know this yet, but he's fragile. his heart is made from the most beautiful crystal and you need to look after it or it will shatter. i know it's hard to believe, how can he be when he's the life of every party? he walks into a room and captivates everyones attention. he wears the mask so well it'll take you time to wear it down, but be patient with him. i promise you he's worth it. he's haunted by demons from a past i wish so badly i could've saved him from. he can be in his head more than he's with you, but don't doubt him in these moments. it may feel like he doesn't care, but in fact he feels so much that it terrifies him. he thinks if he holds you too tight he'll crush your petals or get blood on his hands but it's the opposite. you won't know it yet, but he's going to change your life. like the shooting star you've longed to see lighting up the night sky. protect him with all that you have, his veins are swimming with poetry and magic and once you see it you'll never look back. show him how good and strong love can be, be his pillar of strength because holy **** he deserves it. care for him, feed him halloumi whenever he asks and especially when he doesn't and be by his side when sleep paralysis takes control of him to chase the fear away & pull him out. let him know he's never alone, be his hand in the dark. above all, love him. be the change he so badly needs. love him how i loved him, please. you have no idea how much he's worth it.
- please make him happy.
Jul 21 · 129
i only hope you know,
i would've followed you
to the furthest horizon,
across the whole universe
until the very end.
- thank you for each and every moment.
Jul 18 · 697
in spite of the failed attempts
in spite of time
never being on our side,
you are my sweetest hallelujah.
- we came so close.
Jul 15 · 175
lunar love
i know now
that i get you in phases,
from having all of you
with your ocean eyes
and sleepy hand holds
to having only glimpses,
before you disappear again
leaving me in the darkness
once more
just like the moon,
only you have the power
to captivate me
and send me to madness.
Jul 13 · 86
i thought you'd always
be by my side,
now the knife i gave you
to help me in battle,
is the cause of the wound
in my back
and there's nothing
but my shadow
where you should be.
Jul 13 · 139
i hear your voice
and i know nothing on earth
will compare to how my heart
skips a lifetime for you
until there are
no words left,
i'm yours.
- nothing can pull me away from you, you've had my heart all this time.
Jul 12 · 605
ink stains
i stare at these pages
as if the words
are going to be enough
to bring you back,
as if the blood spilled
will be all you need
to see that i'm right here.
yet once again,
all i'm left with
is ink stained hands
and a fracture in my chest.
- i hate how you can walk away just as easily as i'd give you everything.
Jul 12 · 231
i keep you with me always
you visit me
in the space between
sunset and moonrise,
in that world i belong to you.
keeping our memories
loccked up tight,
keeping them safe
in their heart shaped boxes.
i go back to them each night,
a land of whispered promises
and starlit worship.
i know if i could go back
there's not one i would erase.
despite the hurt,
despite the loss,
you were my masterpiece.
- i wish you had stayed.
Jul 11 · 165
perhaps i should
hold you with
a little more caution.
after all, we've done
this dance before.
you love me in seasons,
giving me your all
before disappearing completely
leaving me to wonder
if i ever knew you at all.
your absence withers me,
yet i'm desperately hoping
for an endless summer.
despite everything,
you are the reason
poetry soars in my veins
and i'll always love
you for giving me
these words.
- in my heart we made it.
Jul 11 · 172
immortal beloved
if i were so lucky
to be given
another chance
my love,
i'd cross oceans of time
just to drown
in your eyes once more.
- my thoughts go out to you, my immortal beloved.
Jul 11 · 372
dancing with demons
my darling,
show me your darkness
the hidden parts of you
masked to the world,
naked for my eyes only
i want to know your demons
and dance with them
in the night.
- i want to feel you underneath my skin.
Jul 10 · 1.2k
moonlit cravings
i crave you
above all else
you pulse through me
bringing me to life
with your touch,
you kiss me
and i know
my lips have tasted yours
in every past life.
- i can still taste you.
Jul 6 · 211
cliffside phantom
hand in hand
we ran down the cliffside
wind howling
the waves crashing
crimson hair
dancing in the breeze
we sat for a moment
lost in the beauty of it all
thinking that the ocean
hugging the shore so calmly
before violently
breaking at it's feet
is much like how
our love feels.
- my dreams are where i belong to you.
Jul 5 · 324
even after everything
if i could go back
to the first moment we met
i wouldn't run
from the heartache
i'd only tell myself
just how worth it
you were.
- i don't know how to be me without you and it's terrifying.
Jul 5 · 193
i'm drowning under the weight of our goodbye, knowing i'll never catch my breath again.
- please s t a y
Jul 5 · 224
i will risk it all again
just as easily
as you will walk away
i am in love
and you only love the dance.
- i'll never regret you but these feet are tired.
Jul 4 · 145
masochist heart
i said never again, but maybe this time
you would be different. maybe it would hurt less, when you handed my love back to me. maybe we were still made of stardust, desperate for another chance to make it. wanting to do better, to finish what we started. but you walked out the door and once again, i'm left alone with my ******* heart and the unwavering need to love that which can destroy me.
- i can't not love you but you **** me.
Jul 1 · 219
for you.
more than every drop of water
in every ocean
more than every grain of sand
in every desert
more than every single star
in the night sky

i'm going to miss you
just as much as i would've loved you.
- you are my deity.
Jun 30 · 151
we find ways to steal moments together, knowing our time is running out. clinging to each other like inmates on death row, facing the realisation that soon we will no longer exist. each time your eyes find mine my heart breaks. you move the stars in my sky and send fireworks through my soul. the ghost of you stays with me, the feeling of your body against mine and of my lips finding yours in the dark are infused in my very being. in those moments we were immortal. i'd give anything for one more night to surrender to you, to fully explore what was robbed from us the first time. **** i'd even take 10 minutes. just you & i hidden from the world, left to speak in the only language our souls understand. i dream that we got that. that somehow, somewhere we got a real goodbye. they say at the end you see it all infront of you, now you're all i see and i'm terrified of a life without you in it. you are my inferno.
- please don't make me say goodbye to you.
Jun 29 · 254
again i find myself
drowning in you
****** together
like waves on the shore
i'm ready to go under
and feel you fill my lungs
you are my oxygen.
- you're the only one who can push and pull my tide.
Jun 26 · 135
til death
i sometimes wonder
what i did wrong
perhaps i was too much to handle,
incapable of loving small
i tie myself wholly
in an act of pure devotion
ready for worship
maybe that's what made you run
but i can't apologise
for wanting a love
that eats me whole.
- i was ready to be devoured by you.
Jun 25 · 157
first frost
you were the first snowfall in winter
your fragile soul
broken from a haunted past
like a rose amongst thorns,
teaching me how beautiful
it can be to bloom after the frost.
Jun 25 · 168
broken promises
you see the world
through a broken lense
if you gave me the chance,
i would've picked each star
from the velvet sky
to put you together again.
Jun 23 · 152
i lost my way for you,
i was on my knees for you
and for you,
i tasted my heart
for the first time.
- a willing victim of loves eternal suffering.
Jun 20 · 213
eyes in the dark
in the darkness
my heart calls for you
your face,
is forever the first i see
when i close my eyes
and let the shadows take over.
- you still haunt me.
Jun 19 · 239
during those twilight hours
the moon gazed upon us
and blushed,
not knowing
where you ended
and i began.
- your soul pours out of mine with each word i write.
Jun 18 · 423
the perfect storm
we crashed into each other
like a perfect storm
but they say lightning
never strikes twice,
maybe that's why
i find it impossible to let you go.
- you lit up my sky and now all i see is you.
Jun 16 · 97
no matter how hard i try
i never seem
to find the words
to immortalise
what we had
perhaps it is enough,
to dream that somewhere
there is a universe
just like ours
where we both found
each other again
only this time
we made it.
Jun 15 · 130
untitled #2
i always liked to believe that everyone had that one person who would unlock so much potential within them that they never knew existed. someone who brought out all the magic that lay dormant, pushed down from the failures of relationships past. someone who encourages only the good, who stands infront of you like a mirror showing you all your greatest fears & doubts before taking you with open arms and using the knife you gave them to fight along side you in battle instead of using it on your back while you sleep. i used to think of it as a fairytale, something invented to ease the burden of loneliess on cold winter nights. and then all my beliefs changed in an instant. then i met you.
- we could've been so much more.
Jun 14 · 162
my love for you
is still seething
from it's violent birth
you lit a fire in me,
and now i live
with an eternal burning
longing to be taken alive.
Jun 12 · 91
under the moonlight
you kept close to me
becoming my shadow
under a velvet sky,
your body screaming
for the touch of my fingertips
in the darkness i lie,
i still hear your ragged breaths
the feeling of your sweat
travelling down
the arch in my back
haunting me like a phantom
you are my ghost in the night.
Jun 11 · 253
shakespeare & co
they say with lovers time stands still,
i didn't fully understand until one rainy morning in paris. you'd let me wander aimlessly around my favourite bookstore for hours, smiling sweetly at my excitement even though you hadn't read the prose. you escaped into the morning air, i walked out of the doorway to find you and the hands of time silenced. there you were, tucked underneath the dew; the crimson morning sun lighting you up. you were deep in conversation with a lone artist, mesmerized by her work. the watercolours dancing in your eyes. i thought you looked so beautiful, that the notre dame behind you dwarfed in comparison. in that second i knew i would spend forever trying to keep that look in your eyes.
Jun 10 · 174
summer love
lazily we walk
hand in hand
the golden sun streaming
through the trees
your kisses sweeter
than honeysuckle
the hazy scent of
lilac blossoms filling the air
bees join us
the flowers are singing
immersed in the beauty of our love.
Jun 8 · 235
Jun 7 · 274
i crave a love
that is other worldly,
you are the cosmos
i long to explore.
Jun 5 · 136
i wish you gave me
just a little more time
to be in love with you.
May 31 · 451
each beat of my heart
is for you alone
i see nothing else,
but the shape of your hands
and heaven in your eyes.
May 31 · 333
eden is hands
covered in ink stains
from my soul escaping
onto the pages
of tattered notebooks,
listening to the rain
fall softly on the window
like a lover's kiss
upon my shoulder
while the amber haze
of candlelight
burns slowly,
gently dancing
in golden celebration
across the darkness
just like the flames
that swallow me at your touch.
May 30 · 123
moonlit path
if my feet could take me
backwards through time,
down forgotten roads
in the pale moonlight
i'd search every darkened path
to find you again.
May 28 · 155
winter's breath
and i know
when winter takes over my soul,
your name will be the last word
my heart skips a beat for.
May 28 · 118
in you i saw forever,
in me you seen an escape.
- we were always meant to be more.
May 27 · 108
you make me ungodly
i crave you above all else
like nosferatu
confined to an eternal bloodlust,
hungry for your love.
May 26 · 118
midnight worship
in the darkness your ghost finds me
the memories leave me aching.
the moon was the only witness
to our midnight worship
the stars burned with longing.
teeth bared, nails dragging,
your moans becoming
my personal symphony
each beat of my heart,
yearning for your love.
now my skin is still on fire
from a blanket of kisses
bright enough
to make the night sky herself
weep with envy.
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