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be gentle with him. you won't know this yet, but he's fragile. his heart is made from the most beautiful crystal and you need to look after it or it will shatter. i know it's hard to believe, how can he be when he's the life of every party? he walks into a room and captivates everyones attention. he wears the mask so well it'll take you time to wear it down, but be patient with him. i promise you he's worth it. he's haunted by demons from a past i wish so badly i could've saved him from. he can be in his head more than he's with you, but don't doubt him in these moments. it may feel like he doesn't care, but in fact he feels so much that it terrifies him. he thinks if he holds you too tight he'll crush your petals or get blood on his hands but it's the opposite. you won't know it yet but he's going to change your life, like the shooting star you've longed to see lighting up the night sky. protect him with all that you have, his veins are swimming with poetry and magic and once you see it you'll never look back. show him how good and strong love can be, be his pillar of strength because holy **** he deserves it. care for him, feed him halloumi whenever he asks and especially when he doesn't and be by his side when sleep paralysis takes control of him to chase the fear away & pull him out. let him know he's never alone, be his hand in the dark. above all, love him. be the change he so badly needs. love him how i loved him, please. you have no idea how much he's worth it.
- please make him happy.
i only hope you know,
i would've followed you
to the furthest horizon,
across the whole universe
until the very end.
- thank you for each and every moment.
in spite of the failed attempts
in spite of time
never being on our side,
you are my sweetest hallelujah.
- we came so close.
i know now
that i get you in phases,
from having all of you
with your ocean eyes
and sleepy hand holds
to having only glimpses,
before you disappear again
leaving me in the darkness
once more
just like the moon,
only you have the power
to captivate me
and send me to madness.
i thought you'd always
be by my side,
now the knife i gave you
to help me in battle,
is the cause of the wound
in my back
and there's nothing
but my shadow
where you should be.
i hear your voice
and i know nothing on earth
will compare to how my heart
skips a lifetime for you
until there are
no words left,
i'm yours.
- nothing can pull me away from you, you've had my heart all this time.
i stare at these pages
as if the words
are going to be enough
to bring you back,
as if the blood spilled
will be all you need
to see that i'm right here.
yet once again,
all i'm left with
is ink stained hands
and a fracture in my chest.
- i hate how you can walk away just as easily as i'd give you everything.
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