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spring rises like the lazy morning sun
reaching with warm fingers to chase away the harsh cold
of a chilly winter frost, hard and dead.
the wind dances in it’s own rhythmic motion
and it carries the smell of cherry trees, scrapped knees,
helicopter seeds and memories better buried beneath
an aging oak tree.
i hope it blows hard enough to tear us all away.

and i hurt,
and i hurt,
and i hurt you.

the rain lingers in a light drizzle,
friendly and curious, but calming in it’s own way
it hits the window in hello, shining with a thousand
different reflections of who we were, and i follow the path
with a gentle finger, remembering a time when i had once
been so sure what i was walking towards, what we all
stood for, the dreams and pacts we made in that tiny
wooden fort and i—
i hope it rains so hard we all drown.

and i hurt,
and i hurt,
and i hurt you.

the grass is alive and breathing
it speaks a language of its own, made of
chirping crickets, talkative cicadas, and crawling weeds
ants build communities beneath the trees, bees hover over
flowers responsibly, the frogs under the porch reawaken
to a song of reeds beating gently against blooming leaves,
like our band of plastic drums and broken guitar strings.
the ground is still dry enough to catch fire instantaneously
i hope it burns everything to the ground.

and i hurt,
and i hurt,
and i hurt you.

the air is heavy and oppressive
the silence is cut by sirens and the distance recollection
of children lying, there is arguing and fighting
but the wind is done dying, the rain will not stop crying
as the thunder is trying to scream louder than everyone else.
somewhere a cellar door is closed, not on it’s own
lighting strikes an aging oak tree and wooden
foundations moan in creeks and groans as leaves
and branches whip and crack, like the sound of a raging fire
engulfing memories and consuming bones.

i hope,
and i hurt,
and i hurt.
it's been an awful day. also i hate spring.
To know thy enemy is to know thy self.
Drown your sorrows like bodies.
Regret can be found in the bitter bottle,
and fear is a weakness that can last only
the shortest seconds
but strength the longest of hours.
You are titanium steel.
You have been forged and re-forged,
melted down and made a new.
You are the sea, furious, ever changing,
and swallowing everything in your path.
You are as unforgiving as the cold that made you.
You are hell and brimstone.
You rage like thunder and scream like wind,
and by God, they will rue you.
You are not an army,
you are an empire.
You are myth and legend.
You bring destruction
and breathe fire.
You are Girl.
Burn. Them. All.
To my favorite, Rilee.
it’s 2:38 in the morning
and i’ve been learning all the faces on my wall
i want to tell the monsters sitting on my ceiling
to crawl back beneath my bed
the warmth of the lamplight, how my hand is spread
it reaches up and up and up
to meet shadows splintered on off-white and beige
in the low glow of winter I will not move from my place
while the wind is still moaning and the snow is still pouring
it is 2:38 in the morning
and I am not alone
When you say insomnia,
people think you’ve had too much caffeine.
That it’s something you’ve eaten that day.
That maybe you’re just a little stressed.
Those people do not have insomnia.
Insomnia rolls off the tongue.
It is a noun.
It is four vowels and five consonance.
It is staring at your ceiling at
four o’clock in the morning praying
to God that maybe you’ll sleep tonight.
Insomnia is knowing ahead of time
that you aren’t going to sleep tonight.
It is drinking four cups of coffee at 1:30
in the morning because your eyelids
are so heavy they feel like anvils
are holding them down.
It is seeing shapes and figures in the dark
that aren’t there.
Insomnia is dying a little inside
every time you see the sunrise.
It is watching the moon reach it’s pinnacle
and sink beneath the earth.
Insomnia is your mind working at the speed of light
and taking sixty years.

Insomnia is running a triathlon without training.
It is wondering how long your body
can take the stress before folding in on itself.
It is wondering what the hell is wrong with you
that you can’t function like a normal person.
Insomnia is taking pills that almost make
your waking nightmares look like children’s play
compared to your sleeping nightmares.
Insomnia is having waking nightmares.
It isn’t the inability to focus.
It isn’t easily fixed.
It isn’t something you deal with.
It isn’t caffeine or something you ate.
Insomnia isn’t just a noun.
It’s a disease.
for a moment, the word stops breathing,
your heart quits pumping and bleeding in the
only healthy way it knows how.
there is silence—and then there isn’t, not anymore,
the sky is shattered by lightning and your
pulse jumps with every rumble, your body flinches with
every roar and the sky is turning far darker than it was a minute before,
the wind is like a turbine, going round and round and round,
tearing, ripping, and seething, you can see the clouds descending,
you’ve been through this time and again and you know the power
this twirling cloud will be rendering, you should be inside,
you can hear Mike Morgan yelling over the static of your TV
“prepare yourselves for the damage this will bring!
hide under mattresses, bathtubs, if you must under the kitchen sink!”
it’s coming your way, it’s picking up speed and you try not to imagine
what has made up the debris, you come to your senses,
realize it’s real, accept the fact that it’s not a drill, you grab who you can,
you shove them down stairs, you start counting heads and start saying prayers,
the cellar is dusty, you choke for clean air but it’s howling outside
and you know you won’t find any out there, metal is screeching,
someone is screaming, sirens are bleating out to anyone who cares,
it takes three men alone to make sure the door doesn’t tear off it’s hinges
in the height of the scare—and suddenly it’s over, you can’t here anything from anywhere.
the world again stands still, but it isn’t holding it’s breath,
it’s watching a thousand electric sparks die a last death.
you push against the doors, you need to breathe better air
and you can hear someone telling you that you need to take care,
but you push and you shove and you break free of your prison,
you climb out to see how your world has faired,
but there isn’t
As some of you may know on May 19th (Sunday) and May 20th (Monday), Oklahoma has experienced several devastating tornados. When I woke up this morning, I had a brief thought that we might have a small one that probably wouldn't touch down. I could not have been more wrong. An F5 devastated the town of Moore, a day after Luther and Newcastle were both ravaged by the same storm system. Many are dead, many are wounded, many have lost everything. I sat in storm shelter for four and a half hours and listened to the world above me be ripped apart. I cannot explain to you how bad it was, and how much worse it has become ever since I've turned on the news. I am thankful I can say I survived today. Far too many can't say the same.
I feel as though I have an obligation,
A duty, you could say, to address something
We ignore almost everyday.
Washington walks on, head high
Strutting around like it owns civil liberties,
Like hearing its name is something so profound.
So I think I’ll ask what gives you the right
To tell my best friend who fights with herself
In the dark, at night, who cries herself to sleep
Because of the hardest decision of her life,
That she can’t make this choice with her own mind?
That it’s wrong when you’re so right, about things
Like pro-life.
And what gives you the final say on my brother
And his boyfriend, and their wedding day?
Oh, the bible does? Really? Okay.
Because you know there is such a thing
As separation of church and state, I’m sure.
And if religion, if God is your problem,
Where is your scorn? Why aren’t atheists and agnostics being burned
At the stake because of your proverbial witch hunt?
Ah, right, because discrimination is against the law,
And law is something you can’t shun in light
Of running a political race, or else have your own medicine
Shoved in your face.
If God is the only thing you can think to use
To your political values that are so terribly flawed,
Did you ever stop to think that I don’t believe in Him,
Your God?
That maybe I like mine better, He accepts us all.
Honestly, tell me please, how in the hell you expect
To get my vote with all your arrogant decrees?
I sincerely hope before you run, you rethink your thesis’s,
Or before you go around telling me who I can and cannot be.
So what if I don’t believe your God,
Your religion or how you live it?
What if I believe in exhibits, or Dr. Seuss?

But that’s not really the point, is it?
Falling apart and falling for you
have, to me, never been more similar or more hated.
God forbid you make this bearable for anyone else but yourself—
--so I warn you now. Be careful. Play with fire and you get burned,
a witch hunt, I think, and I’ll make sure that I’m the one who
lights the match to light the pyre, if you put me through this again
because my resolve is no longer the consistency of water.
I won’t pretend to know you love me, or know you care, because I
most certainly do not. I don’t know anything about you anymore
except the disaster you left when you left and your personal brand of disgust
for cleaning up your own mess. I’m not a girl anymore. I won’t be taken in
by you, by things you do, or by the way you look at me in the light of the moon.
There are no second chances here, just last tries—and this is yours. This is not
a game, I am not a prize, and this situation is far too dangerous for you to think otherwise.
However, you are arrogant, and proud, and cruel, and fool enough to dismiss this warning
for scorn from the very woman you burned. After all, hell hath no fury and the fire there
burns, and burns, and burns. But you refuse to know that. Know that I swear I will rip your beating
black artery out of your chest if you leave this time.

There are no second chances here, just last tries.

...So this is super old. Like, at least three years.
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