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rach Jun 2020
A breeze of calmness between wars
is raging while trees are doing fine
swaying leaves and walking vehicles
under the lights, they're watching my steps

A scene where a crescent moon glows,
a flesh of pink within clouds
and gloomy stars behind,
and arms hugging petals with tears inside

A night of sadness is filling in those lives,
warming up with coldness
while it's raining red outside
I am anxious,
I'm afraid
I need to wake up
and fight for those stars
—they need to shine
and stop hiding as lonely hearts
rach Apr 10
as i reached the peak,
i saw a perfect rainbow
that i’ve never seen,
better than the magical lights
in the northern hemisphere
rach Sep 2019
can I make you feel that again?
when you were hiding your smiles
giving me sparkles, no pain
back when I was on your side

can I make you do that again?
when you were filming my eyes,
holding my heart so tight
back when I was still in your heart

this is me, here again,
running back to your arms,
missing all your kisses and hugs,
after all those tears that I brought to you

I can see it in your face,
you're now capturing her eyes,
keeping her safe all the time
giving her things that she deserves, more than I

now I know
everything is just a big "were"
yes, you were mine
but you are not mine
rach Apr 16
on thin ice,
wide and narrow pathways
you were always there
with your luminous presence,
making me shine,
and glow,
even in my darkest moments.

you turned me into gold
when i felt rusty and old
rach Sep 2019
sun shines brightly,
leaves are dancing simultaneously
wind is blowing softly,
while drizzles are falling partly
everything's stately,
but all I see is my one and only

you're the epitome of an apple
that is shining, splendid on a table
a lot of alluring things behind
but you're stunning along the aisle
my eyes are only focusing on you
percieving how gorgeous you are

and now as you reach the altar,
I can't help but to pule
I'm glad to see you smile
standing next to his arm
I'm now letting you go
--please be happy with the man
you're holding right now
rach Apr 3
it’s wonderful to have eyes,
to have a vision of the nature and skies,
to see how they suffer in humans’ hands,
to just witness everything but not doing what’s right

isn’t it time to give back
before the greens turn to black?
i doubt everyone is concerned
—after all, humans always act
like they’re blind
rach Sep 2019
I am a poetry,
but in your eyes,
I’ll never be.
rach Jun 2020
time is gold,
every second is crucial and
we’re running out of hours
but i’m not gonna rush
because for you,
i’m willing to sacrifice
—a long time ago,
i already chose to stop my time.
rach Dec 2020
i have a feeling
i’m all alone
and it’s so cruel
—too excruciating
rach Sep 2019
you took my hand,
we wrote a story that I thought
will never last
everything was just a fairytale
where I was playing the role of Tinkerbell
the girl who fell in love with Peter Pan
even though, Wendy was already holding his hands

you took me to neverland,
without thinking it would be this hard
rach May 31
i was excited for a while
but it faded after some time
it’s all despair
that i’m feeling now
rach Dec 2019
my love for you
is too unconditional
that it writes.
rach Jul 2020
we’re like joker and harley,
love cannot be seen
my world is dropping in the city
and i am feeling dizzy
well, this is the agony
of being your queen
no matter how toxic this is,
you are still my weakness
can’t stop loving my puddin
though i’m the only one who’s vibin
and i know
i am now weaker
than i’ve become.
rach Sep 2019
in a beach, you found me
under the sun, I discerned you
we were still young
when we made this paper boat
and espied our tomorrows

I still remember what you said;
"we will stand and shout because we're free,
while breathing in fresh air from the sea
we will forget all the hurdles until we feel better
while sharing thoughts to each other
until we both reach the place
where this boat will stop
until we both sink
when our boat fades "
but this is just a paper boat
that will never float
because we're not destined to do those things together
maybe our fate is to ride different boats
until we find our true lover
rach Sep 2019
waiting, standing still
reaching you as if you're here
looking old like that hill
where we met
and where you disappeared
rach Jul 2020
“whenever the sky is crying,
it means that i’m mourning
so you should feel the guilt,
until you die and wilt.”
—it was the sweetest epitaph
for her who died alone
and became a lone
even in her afterlife.
rach Sep 2019
in a heavy, blurry day
you'll hear the voice of the clouds,
you'll feel the coldness of tears coming from their eyes
you'll notice the anger they were hiding behind their smiles
you should start being aware of how people feel,
you might hurt them, it's hard to heal
rach Jun 2020
i can’t seem to find you anymore
in the world where i belong
is it just a nightmare?
‘cause it’s so long,
so scary that i just want to run
where are you?
rach Dec 2019
when he looked at you
but you're uncertain
because it's hilarious
-because you know that you're in love

everyday with him feels good,
and when he's not in a beautiful mood,
suddenly, you're gonna change yours too
and when you see him smile,
your lips are gonna lift your cheeks
until they turn red,
until you start to feel the heat
until you hear how your heart beats
-it feels amazing yet dangerous
your heart will always betray your mind

when you wanted to look cool
in front of him,
because you doesn't want your feelings
to become obvious
your heart will start to make a move
your body parts will act awkwardly
smiles unconsciously and says a lot of things that don't even make sense

how ridiculous it is to be in love
you become more careful
and clumsy at the same time
you see every little thing,
even the smallest thing in the world
that happens between you and him
you see him everywhere,
you memorize every part of him,
you know how he laughs and reacts
you know a lot of things about him
that everyone barely knows
-you can't deny it,
you're deeply in love

— The End —