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rach May 31
i was excited for a while
but it faded after some time
it’s all despair
that i’m feeling now
rach Apr 16
on thin ice,
wide and narrow pathways
you were always there
with your luminous presence,
making me shine,
and glow,
even in my darkest moments.

you turned me into gold
when i felt rusty and old
rach Apr 10
as i reached the peak,
i saw a perfect rainbow
that i’ve never seen,
better than the magical lights
in the northern hemisphere
rach Apr 3
it’s wonderful to have eyes,
to have a vision of the nature and skies,
to see how they suffer in humans’ hands,
to just witness everything but not doing what’s right

isn’t it time to give back
before the greens turn to black?
i doubt everyone is concerned
—after all, humans always act
like they’re blind
rach Dec 2020
i have a feeling
i’m all alone
and it’s so cruel
—too excruciating
rach Jul 2020
“whenever the sky is crying,
it means that i’m mourning
so you should feel the guilt,
until you die and wilt.”
—it was the sweetest epitaph
for her who died alone
and became a lone
even in her afterlife.
rach Jul 2020
we’re like joker and harley,
love cannot be seen
my world is dropping in the city
and i am feeling dizzy
well, this is the agony
of being your queen
no matter how toxic this is,
you are still my weakness
can’t stop loving my puddin
though i’m the only one who’s vibin
and i know
i am now weaker
than i’ve become.
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