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rac1 Dec 2019
Friends Family and Love
Within the Holiness
Together Time stands still
For the Spirit of Jolliness
And the Heart calls out for more
The Heart calls out for more
rac1 Nov 2019
Hermann Hesse be ******!
All women are not mine
rac1 May 2019
I found six new colors
when I awoke in the morn
they were scattered about
among the shadows on the lawn
rac1 Feb 2019
So Much Music
So Little Time
It Will Be Pipe *****
Until I'm Supine
rac1 Sep 2018
I sent myself a letter, C.O.D.
I refused the Postman payment
So he sent it back to me
rac1 Aug 2018
I lent a Hand
to a Man in Need
But, oh how
Did I Bleed
rac1 Jul 2018
I thought I saw Jesus
Walking down the road
His hair was long and flowing
and he was carrying a load
I rolled down my window
and opened up the door
And then I realized it was only
a homeless Troubadour
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