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  Jun 2016 Rabiya Zafar
I wish that someday,
People will raise their heads,
From their phone screens,
And look up at the fleeting blue sky.

And just marvel at it.
With their eyes.
Not through their instagrams,
Not through their camera lens,
Not through the reflection on their screen.

I wish people would just free themselves,
From social media.
The impulsive need to be on the now,
The relentless need to stalk someone or something.

I wish people would just live for a second,
Without being bowed to a device
That clearly controls
Every aspect of their freedom.
  Jun 2016 Rabiya Zafar
Its weird how small things in life,
Will give you so much pleasure.
The fact that another person remembers you,
When you have been trying to forget that world.

That she took out time,
Lowered her ego and called you asked you if you were fine.
With mischeif or malice or sinister intend.

Thats flattering. Thats so ghastly over whelming
For all she wanted to know about were how badly my boats were burning down.
Rabiya Zafar Mar 2016
You know that feeling where your minds fighting between what you own and what you living for. Where you know people understand but not really understand. Idk what's worst this heartache or disheartened people around me? Idk what's worst trying to achieve the impossible or knowing the fact we are too weak for it.   Can I turn my car to some other direction?where I can search for peace?search for a life? Everything's so foggy I can't see the stars twinkling!  Dreams so silly, wonder if they'll be lasting. Good times hauntin' bad times breakin' if only I could find me.
Rabiya Zafar Jan 2015
He was gone .. with the desolation the disaster had bought. Her heart had poured out along with the numbness flowing in the veins leaving her pale.                            
taking away the felicity ,she is best known for, like the waves those erase the footprints alongside the shore,Washing away the long walks of joy. Dessension along the years in cold, did not bring back her smile                                    
But it did make her a superwoman he always said she was.
© Rabiyazafar
Rabiya Zafar Dec 2014
He evolved from the land,
Like the broken pieces coming towards each other as he sees her,
Forming a shadow to gather her,to always follow her like a wind, wherever she flew.
Rabiya Zafar Dec 2014
Last night,in the remembrance of my Lord ,I burst out to cry
Couldn't hold off my feelings
I didnt know I would survive even a minute after that
It all seemed like a boy in a nutshell realize his position ,it all seemed like being under a dome,it all seemed like being a sinner. .all my guilty pleasures would rip me off and leave me drowning. ..then I turned to the one, drenched in tears, asking for forgiveness cause that night there was no one except Him.
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