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R Margaret Mar 2015
why do we get so sad
over the people
we can't have as if we have lost them?

This, I will never understand.
We love these people with every part
of our heart,
and then suddenly realize, They are not ours
to love. They cannot love us back.

And when we finally convince ourselves
to stop loving them, our bodies ache
from the absence of that feeling we once
had as if we are going through withdrawal.

Except the effects are backwards.
Instead of each time we are infused
with the drug creating a weaker high,
it becomes stronger than the last.

Or maybe it's even more complicated than that,
maybe love isn't the drug.
Maybe you're the drug.

Because I can't think of anything more complicated
and intoxicating
than loving you.
3:43 AM. Can't sleep, can't stop thinking about how much I want to feel your skin.

— The End —