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Qunta Wilson Oct 2014
When I think of you, I feel like my heart is an empty hall.
If that hall was filled with hatred, sadness, or even happiness...
It would not be empty!
So when I think of you, I am not sad, happy or mad.
I am empty. No feelings toward you at all. Neutral.
But I hope when you think of me...
You think of someone amazing that you had but didn't stay with because things got hard.
I would like to say that I want happiness for you as much as anyone else I want happiness for.
But that would mean I care. But I don't.
I am empty. No feelings toward you at all. Neutral.
Qunta Wilson Sep 2014
I am nothing without my best friend. He and I until the end.
He's my favorite person in the world and all I want is a kiss.
When we are together i am bliss.

Space between us makes me wonder how inhumane this world is.
The viscous ways of other beings keeps us apart.
But I can't because I've loved you from the start.

They don't understand the bond we have. And they never will.
When your soft lips touch mine... It feels like forever.
And when it stops.. my heart jumps out of my skin because..
I know our forever won't last.

But still I love you and You love me.
When we're together time stops.
And I know that others are on  the contrary.
But I feel that you and I were meant to be.

When time starts again... I will start to count.
To the next time I see you from then.
I can't forget! To you I am bound.
You and I as star-crossed lovers..
There's no one like us around.

— The End —