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My way of loving is not normal.

I do my best I give my all to you
Give one hundred and ten percent into everything I do for you. And everything I do, I do for you.

I just want to fix all your broken parts and put you back together
Seeing you this broken breaks me into shards.

I love your soul for who you are.

I know I'm ****** up in a beautiful way. Some may even say its poetic.

It really isn't. Struggling with everything I do because I either feel too deeply or not at all.

Just let me love your soul again and replace all your broken pieces with my missing ones.
To my one and only. Forever and always A Rún
The day she came
The girl with the stars in her eyes
She brought him back to life
The boy who died many years before

She carried with her
The wisdom of a thousand lifetimes
Yet he carried the key
To unlock her soul

They were bound
To each other long before
They knew of the existence
Of one another

A love greater than
That of death
A need greater than
That of life itself

They were forever bound
The boy who had died
A thousand deaths and
The girl with the stars in her eyes
This is a poem that came to me on night lying in bed and it holds a very deep meaning for me
We dance in the
blood of the murdered
we revel in the
pain of the innocent

Why must we be
so cold, why are
we such utterly desecrated
temples in the eye
of the alpha omega

We have become children
of darkness, saints of
satan, we sold our
souls for this 'blessing'

Lord god save us
from our evil selves,
release the spell which
binds us to our
brother, satan the ******

We question the demons,
We doubt the angels,
We ask our brother,
We beg our lord
This is the first poem I ever wrote. What inspired me to write was the poem titled "An Abandoned Bundle" written by Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali
In the darkest depths of
our souls will you find
the demons which we hide
from prying eyes, which
never will you see when they
are around.

It is a secret known
only to us who have
seen the true darkness of
every living soul, a
secret for which we have sold
our souls.

Do not endeavour to learn
the truth of the darkness
we harbour, for you must
lose your soul to learn
the secret ways of
our order.

If you knew, you would
never sleep again, the excruciating
sorrowful pain would never
end, it is for deaths
warm embrace alone which we
long for.
This is the second poem I wrote

— The End —