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cass Apr 2
cursed with dark magic from taking the wrong path,
a girl made her way towards the masquerade ball.
many had told her not to take the shortcut,
but her shoes were blistering her heels and hurting her toes.

it was only a shortcut.

knocked out by a strong wind,
waking with no recollection of what happened,
she continued.

the ball was extravagant and many were there.
the crown prince was present
with his eye on the girl with the antelope mask.
how delicate it was made and how smooth the material was,
the beauty of her must be stunning from underneath.

they danced all night until the party began to die,
and it was then that the prince wanted to know the identity of his love.
but the mask was stuck tight to her face,
and embarrassed the girl.
she spoke about the shortcut,
and the prince knew.

his true love cried before him,
but his father would never let him marry a girl in a mask.
so she ran away with the treacherous thoughts in her mind,
with the crown prince shouting from behind.

she ran until her feet wouldn’t,
and found herself in the darkest parts of the forest.
cass Apr 2
if there was something inhuman about your touch that i could explain,
it would be equivalent to that of an eternal flame.
if there was something to describe the emotions you gave me,
it would feel like a strong ocean wave.

many overpowering sensations you give me are equal to natural disasters.
but for me,
it’s always so calm.

the earth operates with these thundershowers of weather,
and without them,
there wouldn’t be the world we know today.

without you,
i wouldn’t be who i am today.

so rain on me,
even when i can’t take anymore.

— The End —