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AstralPotato Aug 9
The smiles you bring weren't the brightest
But they were sincere; I knew it best
Like thousand little stars in a dark night
Not too bright yet enough to shed some light

So when you finally built a mask of joy
Surprised I was, it felt like a decoy
The unwavering mask resembled you too much
Too much yet too firm and lifeless as such

Do you think this is all your journey to venture?
Seeing you smile in pain was a torture
The thousand little stars dimming with the dark
Were now thousand little scars; gone all the spark

I have watched you from afar to know it all
The mishaps and the pain where you suffer and fall
You have told no one of this side of yourself
But we're here to listen, if you mind do tell

This is not the end, remember this
You are not alone in this great abyss
We are here behind you waiting to be reached
For when you fall we'll get you back on your feet

We'll be venturing this darkness together
We'll bring back the little stars who faltered
AstralPotato Jul 22
Isang pagkakamali biglang nabura
Nabura lahat ng tamang ginawa
Isang pagkakataon ang ipinusta
Ipinusta ang akala niya ay tama

Tama ba na sabihing umalis ka?
Umalis sa kadenang kinasusuplutan?
Tama ba na sabihing lumipad ka?
Kung putol na ang pakpak at wala ng liliparan?

Humayo ka, lumaban ka, yan ang sabi nila
O kay daling sabihin ng dilang matalinhaga
Ngunit sa parehas na dilang iyon ka nalugmok
Makalilipad pa ba ang napilayang lamok?
I'm just so stressed af
AstralPotato Apr 9
Deep within the darkness
I lay staring at the sky
With nothing but emptiness
And of defeaning silence's cry

Into these hollow walls, I stay
Awake from the unending nights
From the quiet tavern, I pray
For my soul to take flight

The birds I've heard years ago
To the sunrise that casts at dawn
Here I am away from the echo
Of the living; I'm left all alone

This is my cave, my home
For years I waited on a throne
With nothing else, from sight
Just my darkness, my only light
I was feeling all trapped these past few months; trapped within the cards I've laid out myself. Sympathizing with a character from a book which I think completely reflected me was what this poem brought along. This poem is heavily inspired by Mitch Albom's Time Keeper protagonist: Dor.
AstralPotato Sep 2018
Crowded places; happy faces
Greeted a person with such ablaze
Offering radiance which resonated the sun
Defying his sense out of phase

But deep within, his soul conjured
A sense of loneliness emanated from his heart
From a mask he wore in fervent solitude
Trying to dig his oldest scar

From there he felt what he once endured
Faltering, as he ventured out
Scorched deep into his core
Old feelings trying to break out
AstralPotato Jul 2018
Obsidian black; crimson red
Amidst the abyss, the souls have bled;
In shattered tears; the ticking years
Everything ought to disappear

On this empty journey, I stopped midway
To try to reminisce, to subtly replay
This sempiternal emptiness I feel
Those unheard voices I hear

Somewhere down the chasm below,
There it lies, the blackest of snow
Darkest and solitary it may seem
But peace may be found from within

This steepy cliff on where I lie,
On the very same cliff where I might die
To reminisce what happened then
I wonder if this would be the end
I was too hung up digging my good ol' poems and I have to constantly ask myself how did I even write this good back then?
AstralPotato Jul 2018
Darkness filled with malice,
Malice of killing intent;
The courage to slaughter
From anger it starts to foster

Hatred, it cries for blood
Anguish, an abominable voice
The art of death, he pondered
Will be a lovely gift to gather

Slowly, my child, slowly
Take your time, take it easy
****** isn't something to rush
Or you'll take away its lush

[The pleasure of torture;
The art of death]
Made last summer... I was just so ****** back then..  guess it was too exaggerated lol
AstralPotato May 2018
Supressed inside a box
Were feelings you tried to keep
Unsure of what is to come
So you tried to bury them deep

Created a wall surrounding yourself
Evading every single person
Not answering any knocks they sent
Afraid of the world beyond

"But is that it," they asked
"Succumbing in the darkness you won't last"
But it's better to be left alone
You find peace where the sun hasn't shown
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