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Quiet Justin Apr 8
Why is it that when I want to speak I cannot find the words to use.
Makayla was hurting a few weeks ago and I was too scared to say anything. I walked by her and saw her crying. It's happened before.
She's fine now but I still felt as if I was doing something wrong by not asking if she was okay.
Today, Liznette was hurting and although I was scared at the moment to say something, eventually I did say something.
I also made her happy by giving her a rubber ducky so things went good I guess.

But I have this weird fear of speaking. I guess I'mscared of hurting people.

Any advice?
Quiet Justin Apr 2
Have you ever fallen in love?
Well i think i might have. Well, more like tripped in it.
Now I'm just covered in that stuff.
It's warm and sticky and i don't want to wipe it off because it feels so good.
But what do i know? I say I'm in love all the time. It could be nothing.
We will just see what happens.
Quiet Justin Apr 1
You want the story right? You first need this link.

You might need the rest of that link. To find it, just translate this message
That wasn't too hard right?

Good luck
Quiet Justin Mar 31
Things are shifted. This is not hard, just try.
I am just experimenting Å•ight now
Quiet Justin Mar 10
Do you like yourself: Mostly
Do you hide who you truely are: Often
Do you hate life: Some aspects
Are you pretty: I'm a dude. So no.
Do you love yourself: A bit
Does anyone love you: If they do, I don't know about it.
Do you wish you were never born: Nope. I'm happy to be here.
Do you have nightmares everyday: No
Are you suicidal: Not anymore
Do you hide behind a mask: Everyday
Quiet Justin Feb 23
The names of those who are jerks. Just some of them tell me about others.
Quiet Justin Feb 15
the voices say it's okay. I look to the nurse and tell her everything's okay.
but I am so hungry.
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