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Quiet Justin Jul 2022
We're still working on everything.
Everyday is a new journey
and whether I'm making progress really depends on how each journey goes.
I think they've gone well so far. I don't know.
I don't know about a lot of things.

I'm learning but
it's all taking its time to set in. So please forgive me.
I'm trying my best.

Trying to move forward.
Trying to get better.
Trying to feel happier.
I'm still working on everything.

I promise.
A little bit of music goes well with some writing.
Quiet Justin Mar 2022
I thought of you today and felt resentment.
Rather than pretend like everything was okay,
I let myself feel pain for being abandoned.
Because I opened my mental cabinet and let you rummage around.
I left it open after you left, believing that you might want to come back to it later.

But you never came back.

And you left everything a mess.

The contents of the drawer started falling out, and I was left alone to pick it all up.
Items shattered on the floor and I cut my hands trying to pick them up.

I wish I didn't let you in
I'm going through it these days.
Quiet Justin Mar 2022
I held the pain in for too long again
I meant to let some of it out
But the tears started and wouldn't stop
Until I emptied myself of everything I had.
Recent experience I had
Quiet Justin Mar 2022
I couldn't tell you when I fell in that spiral
I can't even remember when I wasn't in it.

All of it is just a reminder of pain
Every person that walks by
Every laugh I hear
Every smile I see.

It just reminds me that I'm spiralling.

And now I just feel dizzy.
Considering the mental state I'm in, I'm surprised I haven't been able to write more.
Quiet Justin Apr 2021
You never realize how happy you are
until you can walk through a park,
a smile on your face, not a single worry.

You actually notice how nice the weather is.
The sunlight on the grass.
The child beating his son at badminton.
All the people just enjoying the day.
And you're one of them.
My self esteem is much higher.
Quiet Justin Jan 2021
I feel as if I'm just going in circles
Where I'm constantly switching from
Happy to Sad
Then from Sad to Happy
And then it keeps going.
Around and around and around and around...
Quiet Justin Nov 2020
I can't do it today.
Probably not tomorrow either.

I sit here, thinking of word to write
Metaphors that I can use
to finally write a good poem.

But nothing comes to mind.

So I'll try again tomorrow.
Or the next day.
Just to see if I'll come up with something better.
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