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Jan 2018 · 445
Quasar Mangaoang Jan 2018
I am alone in my walk in the dark‚Äč
I see no one in my left or right
The road ahead shows me no light
And my happiness still shows no hint of a spark

I raise my head up and I look
At the dark clouds above that seem to talk

They talk to me and I begin to wonder
Then I realize the heavy sadness I'm under
I am all alone and I am lost

I try to think of the cause
But all I feel is a melancholic loss

Joy feels like a memory that I can't
It seems that things will be like this
Jan 2018 · 440
Quasar Mangaoang Jan 2018
The black skies above opened up
and rain began to fall.

The rain drops hit me like
a stab in the back
and an unexpected attack.
I suddenly feel black.

I realize that I was only a shell
that pretended to be well.
I was a grown man in a boy
treating my own life like a toy.

The time has come for me to change.
The old me has gone
and a new me has come.

I was an empty shell with no reason of living.
Now, I'm a man seeking to make my own meaning.

I look up and see a clear sky.
It seems that my darkness has left without saying goodbye.
Jan 2018 · 266
Quasar Mangaoang Jan 2018
Life as we know it is only a cycle
it changes from good to bad
from light to dark
and from yellow to purple.
It changes in opposites.

Amidst these changes, a person seeks
to find a defining essence
to find consistency in happiness
and to find a way to lengthen his weeks.

Those are the things I often wonder about
But, do those things really need to be found out?

When my search has finished
and my essence has been discovered,
would I be finally satisfied?

I have chosen and resigned myself to believe
that my questions have answers that no one will know.
my journey to seek continues as long as I live
alongside time, moving forward with its flow
Jan 2018 · 189
Quasar Mangaoang Jan 2018
Lately, his mind's been going places
To alleys and highways with unknown Faces
They go close and say in a silent whisper,
"In the silent places are where you'll remember"

He pushed away the Faces,
Rejecting their depressing and unwanted invitations
He saves himself and tries to remember
All his happiness that seemed to last forever

His mind surrendered and lost to the Faces
He was betrayed by his happiness that revealed to be lies
Now in front of him stood the beauty of Nothing
Who made him realize the truth that was well-known

Nothing revealed to have limbs and many Faces
Nothing talked and introduced himself as the one called Sadness

He was trembling with fear
As Nothing went near
His senses were lost and he was blind
He remained unmoved from his place and he was found
Sadness murdered the miserable and lonely man

Before the full possession of Nothing on his poor soul,
He wrote a message, a poem, on a piece of paper
Wishing that the people will know and remember

"In the silent places are where you'll remember
All the happiness that seemed to last forever
But you realize the truth that's well-known
It is that sadness murders the miserable and alone."

He became Nothing
Jan 2018 · 283
Boy's Delusion
Quasar Mangaoang Jan 2018
A boy walks alone under a starry night
and wonders what his happiness is supposed to be.
He remembers his past with delight
for those were the days when he had Serenity.

He forgets all of his happiness
and immerses himself with Loneliness.

The boy runs alone under a starry night
and he locks his heart to hide from Life.
The pain in his heart fills his inner strife
and he meets his new friend, Misery.

The boy jumps away into the Night
and he forfeits his deal with the Light.
The gruesome, gloomy, and two-faced shadows devour him
and then Darkness became his new sight.

— The End —