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Pyung Apr 2020
I don’t know why I’m here
I don’t know where I’m from
I just know how I got here
I guess I lost myself along the way

My soul runs where the wind blows
And the time goes on like gravity
My feet once stood tall on the floor I lay
I guess I lost myself along the way

I’ll know that the summers on its way
When my heartache melts away
But only the half the moon will look ahead
I guess I lost myself along the way

Don’t ask me why I’m here
Don’t ask me where I’m from
Just stand with me and forget the light
For I have lost myself along the way.
Pyung Mar 2020
I forget to remember you
When I’m not alone
When I’m in my dreams
When I’m not what it seems

I forget to remember you
When the sun just shines
When my heart beats loud
When the time has stopped

But then, I remember you
Pyung Mar 2020
The apple falls from the tree.
You were gone like a breeze
Do you recall sailing free?
Like we always used to in my dreams

Did you fall from the sky?
Where were you when we were getting high
Did you step under the sun?
I can only see you when it’s dark
Pyung Jun 2017
As the freezing water fills my hopeless lungs
I am reminded of its darkness once again
My burning heart steams from the cold edge of the knife
I gasp for air that is far beyond my reach and sight

Beneath the water where the sun don't shine
My helpless body sinks deeper and deeper slowly
And my eyelids close with fear and pain slowly
Slowly, unlike when I fell in love.
Pyung May 2017
I'm in a doldrum of love
where no wind distrupts the silence
in the middle of the sea without waves
where my passion outweighs my patience
in the place without life nor death
where the fruit and the seed shares no deed
in a doldrum of love
where the departure is further than the arrival

Oh the doldrum of love
where the wind has died to be born
in the maddening calm before the calm
where my end isn't that of a journeyman
in the ocean where the time has sealed its heart
where I wait for the end
holding the breathless body of my hope
i'm in a doldrum of love
where i cannot find my way out.
*Doldrum in the old days were the zones where the ships were becalmed due to minimal prevailing wind. Although the word connotes calm/mild/inactivity due to lack of climatic turbulence, doldrums were deadly when the ship was running low with water/food. The diction is intended to convey the claustrophobic sensation of being becalmed in a silent, static, and beautiful sea.

— The End —