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Josephine Mary Nov 2019
I never thought waiting can be this painful.
It's like looking to the abyss,
ready to welcome the unknown.
How long will I wait?

Can I endure standing for a decade?
Can I just sit here under the moonlight and meet the next sunrise?
Can I swim for awhile and explore the depths of my thoughts?

I always thought I have been patient enough,
but my anxiety tells me that I am not.

So to live again, I need to breathe and endure the length of waiting.
Josephine Mary May 2019
beautiful and warm,
like how it burns my eyes.

Mesmerized by the yellow-orange hues of his charms. ☀️
Josephine Mary May 2019
I want to be like a sunset.
Hopeful and calm,
Brave and prayerful,
beautiful and positive for the next sunrise. ☀️
Josephine Mary May 2019
I have been suffering from sunburns.
Sunburns that I call "missing you" syndrome.
I have been feeling the scorching heat of the Sun
and the burning sensation on my skin.
It's not the kind of warmth that I miss.

I could not reach the Sun.
He is far. He is vibrant, fiery and hot.
I could not gaze at him on his blazing peak.
I looked down in tears.

I miss him, I am trying to say it,
but all I can do is to swallow my words and get burned with my own longing.

Sunburn, sometimes it's on my skin.
Most of the time, it's the Sun that I am missing. ☀️
Josephine Mary May 2019
A stop that my heart know.
Where I said goodbye, I have to go.
A stop that my mind could remember.
Where he held me gently and kissed my temple.
I am not drunk, I was sober.
He poured too much butterflies in me that made me tremble.
Josephine Mary May 2019
You are the sun rising on the first day of spring,
where flowers bloomed in me.
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