Acacia 1d

we’re tongue tied,
legs tied,
fingers tied.

it’s heavy, so heavy
that it’s driving me mad.
it gets heavy when you turn off the lights.

your wicked ways intimately
hold me and i’m feeling
dizzy and addicted.

it’s mental how beautiful you are
and insane how i’m feeling
you all over me and inside me.

he’s so heavy,
his love is so heavy,
his weight hits me so fast.

inspired by heavy by powers. another poem about you james

She cries tears of mother's ruin
"Look at me!
It's been so hard
All of my life
And I've had to fight
For my own patch of light
Still, no-one ever looks at me"

He turns his eyes to the floor
Saying nothing
Feeling stupid
And his words burst like bubbles in his mouth
He is desperate to say something
Anything to make her happy
But he cannot turn disappointment
Back into youthful optimism
Or bitterness back to hope
As she sinks into smeary sobs
Wet and bleary loss
He takes her home

He undresses her and puts her to bed
Then he holds her as she cries
And he holds her as she sleeps
He hushes her when she stirs
And calms her when she starts and cries out
When the dreams become too real
And he shall never be more than this
Never more fulfilled
Caring for her is his only purpose
Making her happy is his holy grail
Willingly trapped within her pain
He is nothing else at all

                               By Phil Roberts

Open mouths
Open mouthed
We talked
We danced
We kissed. You tasted like cheap beer, and told me you loved me-
I laughed.
But I wanted to marry you.
I would have, if you'd only asked.
Instead you ran, open mouthed cowardice a golden ticket
and left me here alone, dancing
with the idea of starting over,
and kissing coffee cups.


 1d Acacia

one: i love the sun and light and the smell of dewy grass. i've lost my taste for the dark.
two: my love for the darkness has turned into but a simple appreciation for i cannot love something where i know monsters lurk.
three: you are one of those lurking monsters.
four: i'd rather get high than hear you speak. the burn of the smoke as it chases and then caresses my lungs and the heavy exhale that follows is the only conversation i need because drug consumption is more important to me than my life being consumed by you.
five: i love myself now.
six: i do not need danger like i did when i was a juvenile. danger is an art i have never perfected.
seven: you never loved me.
eight: i learned long ago that the purple tulips you planted under my skin were not your way of saying i love you but they were instead your way of proving your dominance.
nine: i do not like being dominated.
five: i love myself now.
five: i love myself now.
five: i love myself now.
seven: you never loved me.
ten: you lurk in the shadows in my room. even though i do not want to be with you now you stay with me but that's not any different considering you never cared what i wanted.
five: i love myself now.

Acacia 1d

A stable young man with a stable normal family life.
They eat together every morning, afternoon, and night.
He’s the song in my head that I’ve always needed: stability.

im so embarrassed to post this and idk why. i feel so not good enough every time i post on here. no one here is making me feel this way, it's me.
Acacia 4d

at my new location,
hit me up.
don’t let my tears drop by you,
sounding hot in this studio,
with voices echoing and singing
in chambers.
i’m anxious for this to work,
i’m anxious if this’ll work.
yet, it’s been a warm minute
since i’ve seen someone so stable
and had stability in my life
i haven’t felt normalcy
in a cold minute.
the more you see,
the more you will know
the push i need from you
to take my medicine and to
feel on beat.
my tears are now falling over
your pretty head like
oil on my hands;
your eyes are blue like the
creek near my home.
dream about me tonight
for i am your angel
and i will watch you
and guard you from the scary monsters
and unkind things that travel with us.
i don’t want to speed in your two seater
and i hope you don’t have to slow,
have to slow it down.
i’m scared i can’t.

do what you wish its yours. and also, james, this is the first poem dedicated to you.
Acacia Apr 15

just in case you’re wondering,
my dedication can last for a whole summer
and that’s not long
‘cause i know how you’re terrified of commitment.
it’s true the part of how i really lust for you
and how much i want to get to know you more
and i don’t mean to come off too strong.
yet despite having a crush on someone two years younger
my heart still runs back to you.

there's a connection
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