I need you
In the mornings with my journal and my bible
On cold windy fall days
Perhaps on lazy days while watching kid movies
when i sent your smell i feel comfort
the smell fills my home, fills the streets and cities
i want you

you are like white wine,
with salmon and tartar sauce on the side.
your tongue is so warm,
you’re so sweet.
two big globes look at me and kiss me
with pupils dilated,
and are blue like the ocean.
so you take my hand on the train,
and pull me into your chest to sleep.
you are strong, stable with a lottery winning smile,
and nice hands.
hold me tight while i sleep,
whisper sweet somethings in my ear,
and tell me you think i’m so pretty.
well, i think you’re an angel,
i think you’re a jewel.

i may be an angel,
but there are myriads of prettier angels
on this earth.
angels with blond ringlets,
fair skin, and ocean orbs as big
as the moon.
not an angel like me.
why would you pick a daisy
over a rose?

sad girl gang

you hold my hand,
we cross the street.
you tell me i'm a good girl and
that you're proud of me.
you whisper sweet something's
and that you love me,
you've kissed my heart and laid
a comforting hand on my soul.

im in love with you,
yeah, you.
i'm so in love, honey dew drop,
i don't care what anyone else says.
i'm so in love, cutie pie,
i don't care about the consequences.
i'm so in love, baby boy,
you're the only boy for me.

it used to be healing,
like medicine.
playing with yourself should make you feel sexy.
touching yourself should give you an afterglow
as daunting as a ghost.
it's all about the dreams you have
that gets you going to an orgasm.
it's all about the way you groove that
keeps you going even more.
now, this feels like murder -- unsatisfying
and government earning;
ungrateful for the pleasure it used to give.

always leaving me alone,
always leaving me.
just alone like i always was,
just alone like i always am.
only alone.

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