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133 · Oct 2018
Pure of Stars Oct 2018
i lack belief in who i am
and who i choose to be

my faith has gone from narrow hallways to dark trenches full of lost souls waiting for this war to be over

a battle over who i am and my internal side is struggling to pick up her fight

my identity is only surrounded by fake smiles and sodden cheeks

now i turn to myself and ask
who am i and who do i choose to be
knowing you’re own identify seems pretty important. but it’s still something we all struggle with.
Pure of Stars Jul 2020
little cat
itty kitty in the garden
oh to be a feline in the grass
baking in the sun
not a care in the world
**** geometry
i want to be a cat
im sorry for the bad word
59 · Jan 2020
Pure of Stars Jan 2020
writing       s            p  
                      l      m

all i taste is sudden lost of inspiration
i’m back for the better
i’m better

— The End —