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 Feb 2019 Pure of Stars
 Feb 2019 Pure of Stars
Thank you
I've been here forever
still doesn't feel real
Reversible Poem / 10w
 Feb 2019 Pure of Stars
I know im not perfect
I know say the wrong things sometimes
I know im not always good at listening
but could you tell me whats wrong?
I can try to be perfect
I can continue trying to say the right things
I can be a good listener
Just please
Whats wrong?
The pain in your eyes cuts at me
Like the blade On the counter
please talk to me
Im here for you
Whats wrong?
I Care about you
I cant see you in this state and not worry
Talk to me
I will listen
We can go through this together
You can take off that Mask you wear
I wont laugh at your weakness
I would never hurt you
Just please tell me
                                Whats Wrong?
 Feb 2019 Pure of Stars
Rocks tearing into my palm
I feel the blood flowing freely
But I climb

My muscles hurt
They’re screaming with rage
My fingers are numb
My pulse racing
My head throbbing

But I can’t stop
Cause if I do
I’ll fall for you again
So I try to climb faster
And run away from falling for you.
 Feb 2019 Pure of Stars
I miss you so much
Your gentle eyes
Calm words
Your easy smile

But it scares me
We’ve been through this before
You said you loved me
Then you left

You want me to be happy
But the only way is with you
But I’m scared of my feelings
Because last time they killed me
A picture may be worth a thousand words
But none of them adore you.

Wicked and malicious
Dark and fiendish
Knavish and swarthy

Luckily words are empty
And actions are temporary
But a shredded image can go a long way.
 Jan 2019 Pure of Stars
Lost Girl
I have no words left to say.
This empty feeling won’t go away.
Everything comes and go.
No one ever stays.
It’s been a rough week.
 Jan 2019 Pure of Stars
There’s a hidden meaning in every “it’s ok”
You just mentally killed me and physically broke my heart but I love you anyways

And In every “I just want you to be happy”
sure I want you to be happy, bu not with her, with me.
i slept all day
now i'll stare at my ceiling all night
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