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Pure of Stars Dec 2020
and with your touch
my world seemed a little brighter
Pure of Stars Dec 2020
falling asleep with my head in the toilet bowl
counting the ways i wronged you like sheep jumping the fence
Pure of Stars Jul 2020
little cat
itty kitty in the garden
oh to be a feline in the grass
baking in the sun
not a care in the world
**** geometry
i want to be a cat
im sorry for the bad word
Pure of Stars Jul 2020
i truly believe it takes a hurt soul to write poetry
Pure of Stars Feb 2020
it’s strange  
that when you’re in love
even the water in the shower feels different
it’s been a long while since i’ve been here :) i’m fifteen now. i’ve lost things and gained things since i’ve written for the public. i lost my best friend. but i’ve found myself. i have two best friends still. i have a dog. i have a real smile
Pure of Stars Mar 2019
everywhere we go it’s numbers that control us
the number in our bank account
the number on our test
the number on our scale
everywhere we go we let that number decide for us
the number of likes
our number of friends
why should a number decided if we’re happy?
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