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It's a dangerous world that we live in,
But a dangerous world we create,
Where the wrong are too often forgiven,
And the right are convicted of hate.
Love tossed you out in the cold
Now you can no longer feel your toes
The color has left your finger
They're no longer useful anymore
You use to love winter
It's the season love introduced herself to you
You two played in the snow until your nose was blue
But when the snow storm came through
When the wind was the coldest
And the snow stung your face
That's when she abandoned you
Took the warmth she brought
Without her
Your just an empty shell
For the cold to just seep into
Love has treated you so coldly
But hypothermia with comfort you
Getting a message from the edge of the universe saying "come get me"
Accepting that that place is accelerating away from me faster than I can comprehend
Realizing that the journey may very well not be worth it

But I've been wrong before
you're the one that chose this
she was a sad girl in love with the idea of never being in love
I knew from the start
You called ahead
Prime real estate in my heart

Talking of the past
A similar thing
Was being burned
We gave our all
To someone
That would never last

I agree, it's terrible
You think you know someone
Then they bail when you need them most
Making you look like the fool

Been there, done that
A cliche I realize
Point being...
I understand

The past, although harsh
Gives me strength
Believing in something new
To move beyond these scars

I appreciate you for you
(No one is perfect but I do really like you)

I'm glad I went through the pain from before
It caused me to learn of myself
What I was lacking
What was broken
What I could restore

You've given me more than hope
I will never forget that
Thank you for giving me a second chance at love
Something true

Thank you for being you
Obviously, this is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend.  I decided to share it with all of you.
I lie awake in thought
A fractured shell of what I once was
Thinking about what could have been  
Thinking about what never was
Contemplating what I want in life
I now realize it's simply you
But I also know that's what I can't have
I'm going to live in discontent
I'll never find someone I love like you
I'll have to love someone else differently
Maybe the next person I love will finally be me
I've spent 23 minutes walking 46 times in a large circle, crunching leaves underneath my feet
I've counted 26 that made the sound I was craving, 42 that made no noise at all, and 14 that had been stepped on by someone else before me

My attention is caught by all the half ***** trees who look so ashamed at their indecency as their leaves keep being stripped from their bodies

I try to say something, but the wind steals it right out from my lips
And it's carried away before I can even try to run after it
I doubt it would have mattered anyway
Trust him
Follow her
Smiles dim
While fires burn
Lift your mask
Toss your disguise
Secrets ask
While truth blinds
Stand tall.
Side by side
Many fall
While few rise
Hold on tight
Never let go
Give your life
To watch love grow
Colors may fade
Eyes may glaze
But that fire inside
Intensifies each day
Hold on to that dream
Dont be afraid
Light that flame
Love can build bridges
Love can change ways
But remember always …
Love can leave bruises
And love can leave stains...
Just a simple blind write.
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