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pseudnco May 2020
it's weird, now
i can sleep when i'm tired
pseudnco Sep 2019
i asked you, a wordless thought with endless shape
you said yes, and my heart sang.
ladies and gentlemen, we gottem
pseudnco Sep 2019
i took your eraser and rubbed the poem i wrote for you away.

it was near dawn when i wrote our "i love you" on both sides.

i still haven't given it back.


maybe next period.
you're unreachable at arm length. i want your attention, please know that i'm here.
pseudnco Sep 2019
sometimes these thoughts intrude my mind.
like a sudden drop of coffee from a swill of brown
slurring the words i've already compiled into blobs of ink.
though rarely any of them scratch the surface,
bleeding into the margins.

but they usually ooze into the bottom of the page,
since i lost count chiliads ago.
i thought about this like 3 in the morning
i need to turn in seventeen assignments bbbbBBBBB
pseudnco Sep 2019
"partridge foot," she'd say, hiding her smile with a book.
"partridge foot," i'd say back, bringing a coffee cup to my grin.
im kinda too busy to miss you and by that i mean im always too busy missing you
pseudnco Sep 2019
the thought of you
reminds me of when we went walking to the library near the berry bushes

there was a sign
stood behind chain link

“i wonder what it says,” i said, pointing to its metal back
you didn’t regard the muse
and advanced forward,
back toward me

not unlike the sign that stood behind chain link
back toward me
pseudnco Aug 2019
i quite like it when the world stills
and i'm its only movement
but i like it most when i still
and nothing in the world stops to watch
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