Butterflies have left the North
they've gone South for the warmth

No more sweet melodies
from the birds in the trees

On the snow is the winters prey,
and green hills have faded away

Now silence falls
and nothing makes a beat

as crickets lay underneath
a white sheet

We get instant gratification
from the internet connection
and use as substitute the WiFi
for a smidgen of affection
but we all sleep like tin soldiers
stiff and painted to our beds.

In the end an error message
will relay us to a web site
where we might get very lucky or
it may be that we won't.

I don't place much reliance on
algorithms or on science and
prefer instead the human touch

not tin soldiers in my bed.

Oh God,
when I thought transubstantiation
was one of those movements
only for a moment
until the wine kicked in.

I'll go to hell for this one.
 Oct 2017 PS Rowland
Lior Gavra

The moment you forget.
Mind wanders with regret.
Eyes blurred, lose focus.
“What’s my current purpose?”

Is spontaneous enough?
Chasing a dream, tough.
As a child we rushed,
what was all the fuss?

The lost moment finds.
The lost moment unwinds.
The lost moment reminds.
Messes with our minds.

In that moment there is clarity.
We connect with our reality.
Understand humanity.
Endless possibilities.
Test our comfortability.

A chance to breathe.
Rebirth and see.
Are we where
we want to be?

Take that lost moment,
to reset your focus.
To find yourself and
your new found purpose.

I will forget who I am when I become an old man and I'll get that old man smell of stale urine and cheap wine and tobacco

I'll go out and someone will shout,
'can you smell that old fart'
and I'll say,
what? I never farted
because my hearing will have gone
and my eyesight will too
and those eyes once so blue will turn a milky white
turning the brightest of day into the dullness of night

but I'm not old yet
don't you forget it
and by the time that I am
and become an old man
you'll be old too and
following through,
you'll smell as bad as me.

Moon alights on marble stones
all but lighting grounded bones.

We met
in the heat of the discotheque
they played the sixties
all night long

I jumped the queue for kebabs
and you had Shish,

Later still,
the hesitation before a kiss
frightened I'd miss the moment
but never

and confirmation
of a further assignation
at the discotheque
where we met
next Saturday night

feels like
a hundred year wait
until we get back on the
dance floor
and gyrate once more
to the beat

I can still feel the heat
of your lips.

It's not wishing on a star
that has brought me this far
it's the red vauxhall viva
my fathers old car

under the hanging dice,
I think
our names on the windscreen
would look rather nice
and I go along with her.

It's time for our long sleep my love,
Unwilling to let you go alone,

When I fell in love with your Soul, long ago,
You changed my life on that day,
The day I pledged to have and to hold an angel's Soul forever.

Am I wrong wishing to sleep with you for eternity too?
I'm not willing to let you sleep forever alone.

I only know one thing.

I love you and don't have the strength to live without you,
Love, please take me with you to Heaven's home.

Closing my eyes, I want you to be the last dream I see,
Falling asleep for eternity.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

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