PS Rowland Oct 2016

Shut off my brain
and calm my soul.
From all this mess
to make me whole.
I cannot take
another day.
It wrecks my heart
and on me weighs.

©P.S. Rowland
PS Rowland Sep 2016

PS Rowland Sep 2016

Green spaces intermingle
amongst the brown
yellow and red.
The shade of the
droplets twinkle
as they bounce off
her head.
Back strokes are seen
gliding across
the top.
Ripples are felt
from the tumble
of the rocks.

©P.S. Rowland
PS Rowland Aug 2016

sets deep within.
Pushing forth
to not give in.
stronger than this
in her mind.
She hopes
it’s true
in the test of time

©All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
  Aug 2016 PS Rowland
Dustin Matthews

Heating our passion
Sparking the desire in us
She is all fire

© All Rights Reserved Dustin Matthews
PS Rowland Aug 2016

I was asked to submit a few of my poems for consideration for an anthology back in 2013. I'm excited to announce, several of my poems have been selected to be published in this soon to be released collection entitled "SkinOnSkin An Anthology of Erotic Poetry" It will be released on September 5, 2016! You may pre-order now!

PS Rowland Aug 2016

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