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Chloe works Dec 2017
Sky, can I ask you why?
Why they give light when you turned dark?
Why does the stars gives you light?
Even the moon helps alot.
Chloe works Dec 2017
Her eyes are cold as ice,
Don't wanna ask why.
Tears got dry,
As she fake a smile.
Chloe works Nov 2017
It gives you light in your darkest night.
It gives you courage to walk alone in the dark.
It gives you the strength to fight alone.
It gives you hope to keep going on.

-Chloe works
Chloe works Nov 2017
'She was about to end the game,
Not until she heard your name again.
It was not her game to end,
But she had enough feeling the same pain.

She was about to start again,
Not until she saw your tears falling.
It was her decision to end the pain,
But she chose to keep her heart breaking.

She was about to fight again,
Not until she heard your voice pleading.
It was her heart that keeps on breaking,
But she still chose feel the endless pain.

She was about to surrender again,
Not until she realized that she shouldn't lose the game.
It was her time to make her revenge,
But she noticed that it'll just make her break even more.'

-Chloe works
Chloe works Nov 2017
She hate liars,
She hate selfless people,
She hate selfish people,
She hate blunt people,
She hate people who are nosy,
She hate people who are loud,
She hate people who can't keep secrets,
She hate people who can't keep promises,
She hate people who're trying to be perfect,
She hate people who can't be honest just for once,
She hate people who's not sure about their feelings,
She hate people who keeps on hurting other people,
She hate people who doesn't want to talk to other people,
She hate people who keep on leaving other people behind,
She hate people who always got disappointed to themselves,
She hate people who keep on blaming themselves for being alive,
I am that 'she',
In short I hate myself
Chloe works Nov 2017
Living, Breathing,
Holding, Falling, Loving,
Caring, Hurting, Breaking, Suffering, Fighting, Hoping, Trying,
  Waiting, Believing,
Chloe works Nov 2017
It's not that I don't want to be friendly,
nor I don't want to be with anyone.
It's despite, how I try,
I can't be that friendly.
I feel embarrased, ashamed of what I am doing,
Why can't I trust people around me?
I asked myself but I didn't get the answer.
Maybe it's the way my parents raised me.
How they made me feel that I should not trust  anyone.
Or maybe it's the people around me.
Their eyes-- that has so many judgements,
Their mouth-- that keeps on talking.
Each and everyone of us does lie,
So how can I trust at least one?
I tend to avoid everyone,
Ignore them--
Afraid that they may not like me,
Even how hard I try I can't give my trust to anyone.
But not this time,
Now that I have the guts to pull myself up.
To give it a try,
Why not?
I want to have a friend,
At least one.
I'll give it a try,
Can you be my friend?
Can I give it a shot?
I tried so hard,
So hard that I don't know how many sighs did I make,
To face you and the people around me.
Can I trust you?
I can lose--
but still, I did try.
At least I tried,
I tried talking to you.
Asking you to be my friend,
A trusted one.
My companion, my shoulder to lean on,
And as I live in this world.
I'll trust you,
But can I have at least one favor?
Just this one,
Can you not break my trust?
Don't let me put up a wall,
Once again, don't let me put up my wall.
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