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Nov 2016 · 679
A God
Maria Sinoway Nov 2016
Don't you know that you are so much more
than the world has made you as?

You are an explosion waiting to burst.
A star waiting to collapse and eventually,
covering us all with your stardust.

You are the universe and the destruction
of our world and you should not let
anyone rule you out as anything less.
Explode with your fury and cover
the ground with your passion and
let us tremble at your feet.
You dear child,
are a God
in the making.
Nov 2016 · 744
The Past
Maria Sinoway Nov 2016
They are not your past.

Stop treating them like
everyone else who took
your heart and broke it.

Let them handle it with
careful hands so that you
may one day know love.
- For JT.
Aug 2016 · 223
Maria Sinoway Aug 2016
He's not perfect
and he never will be
but he's close and
Oh god how I wish
I could show him that
he's worth the entire
******* universe.

*- Oh God, Please God,
  Let the boy find
For J.T
Jul 2016 · 340
Maria Sinoway Jul 2016
When the Gods told the child
his story was foretold in the stars,
He marched into the sky that night
and tore the heavens apart.

I'll write my own story.
He said.
And I'll forge my own path.
I don't care what they say,
Destiny be ******.

But then the Gods began to laugh,
And the Fates, they simply kneeled.

Oh child, you foolish thing.
Your fate has just been sealed.

**- You can't escape
  your destiny.
Only trigger it.
Jun 2016 · 450
Maria Sinoway Jun 2016
You shot through the sky
and I made a wish.
My heart seemed to stop
as it suddenly hit.
You weren't a star,
I had made a mistake.
But your tail was so bright,
you had me amazed.
I wished upon you,
not knowing the truth.
You were merely a comet,
just passing through.
I wished so hard that night.
Mar 2016 · 504
Maria Sinoway Mar 2016
When we went out in the
water and we no longer
could touch the ground,
it was then that you decided
to tell me you couldn't swim.

*I'd drown to be by your side
That scared me.
Mar 2016 · 841
Maria Sinoway Mar 2016
The thing with being
a writer is that when
you get to know people,
you can write an entire
chapter about them and
all you get is a paragraph.

- *But oh god, did you even
try to finish the sentence?
For you, I have written
an entire story.
Nov 2015 · 467
Maria Sinoway Nov 2015
You thought yourself
as nothing and yet to
me you were everything.
You were the spilled ink
on my paper,
and the words that left
me choking.
You were the struggles
and the rewards.
You were nothing but
my everything.

― *My poems dear boy,
     Have always belonged
     To you
For J.T —
You are my

— The End —