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 Feb 17 Glass
 Feb 17 Glass
i need to know,
could i ever have a relationship?
with my symptoms as bad as they are,
and it's not an aesthetic disorder.
i feel actually crazy.
and unless you google my day-to-day
there's no understanding what i mean.

i genuinely have no control,
this isn't an excuse.
Read a book
Uncover hidden stories
To discover hidden feelings
See magnolias butterflies
come to life
right before your eyes .

Shell ✨🐚
The power of reading.
Everything  you do
or don’t do
depends on your health.
Do your part
live healthy.
Don’t wait to get sick first
to appreciate health.

Shell ✨🐚
Being healthy, the greatest gift of all.
 Feb 11 Glass
Carlo C Gomez
A no-man's land,
ablaze in scarlet

A no-man's land,
the blood and the bones of men

The more who died,
the more they thrived

A no-man's land,
flowered along the banks
from which the dead drank,
to forget their former existence,
when they were singing
in the lulls

A no-man's land,
offering a touch
of Heaven in Hell

 Feb 11 Glass
Carlo C Gomez
Once at the guillotine

Now an out-of-focus angel

"Crime is shame, not the scaffold!"

She's got a '45 strapped

To each of her thighs

Speaks French with a Martian accent

Wishes she was a siren

When bathed in happy thoughts

Wishes she was the ladybird

When her wings

Confuse amuse transfuse

Into dreams of blood

Lukewarm prisoner

Detained for seven years

Now lies beside her

Asking for a helping hand

She loosens her corset

But tightens her grip
 Feb 11 Glass
David Lessard
Father thank you for this day
that comes softly and quietly
I stretch and yawn in my way
enjoying my coffee silently.
Watching Venus light the morn
before Old Sol takes reign
as the rays on the hills adorn
just as you first ordained.
I take up your book and read
the gospel is full of good news
your words are  mighty indeed
in me - the Spirit renews.
The world continues to falter
confusion and chaos and hate
people have left from your altar
abandoned themselves to fate.
I still pray and repent of my sin
I still ask for forgiveness from you
you've erased where once I had been
forgotten the man I once knew.
 Feb 11 Glass
David Lessard
If I give you love
what will I get in return?
will it be acknowledged?
or will it be but spurned?
If I offer my love
will you be mine forever?
or will you laugh at me
and say to me   - not ever.
Am I just a fool in love?
head over heels and blind?
silly and sheepish, blushing
not knowing what's in my mind?
I stand on the steps of happiness
worried, lest I fall
falling at your feet
all curled up in a ball.
Columbus took a chance
and by God - he did all right
I cannot leave you now
without putting up a fight.
I smiled and said I love you
my voice began to crack
but your eyes lit up I swear
as you smiled at me right back!
 Feb 11 Glass
when tears flow
 Feb 11 Glass
when the brain doesn't function properly
happiness is relative.
sadness is constant.
and everything matters.
yet, at the same time, nothing does.
i will overthink with an empty head.
and laugh when i feel like dying.
in a room full of people,
and i haven't said a word.
i am quite frankly,
and i have no on else to blame but me.
 Feb 11 Glass
i pray for forgiveness.
i beg for his return.
i would give up everything
to have this one thing.
i know i'll likely
never see him again.
i beg for the gift of acceptance.
for peace in my heart.
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