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Glass Jun 5
thirty minute play time
sixty hour scroll
fifteen times of homework
and seventy to toll

finger on a screen
lines of all thats in
shapes that have been seen
speaks of what has been

a notebook closed on table
hunched back over the board
bringing grapefruit abled
cracked knuckles to the core

touch and sense and good
twice upon the body
water held in stood
two thirds of the laundry

music in my follicles
art inside my pores
theres feeling in my eyelids
emotions in my joints
and most of every single thing there is
the thought of it conjoined
  Feb 17 Glass
i need to know,
could i ever have a relationship?
with my symptoms as bad as they are,
and it's not an aesthetic disorder.
i feel actually crazy.
and unless you google my day-to-day
there's no understanding what i mean.

i genuinely have no control,
this isn't an excuse.
Read a book
Uncover hidden stories
To discover hidden feelings
See magnolias butterflies
come to life
right before your eyes .

Shell ✨🐚
The power of reading.
  Feb 11 Glass
David Lessard
Father thank you for this day
that comes softly and quietly
I stretch and yawn in my way
enjoying my coffee silently.
Watching Venus light the morn
before Old Sol takes reign
as the rays on the hills adorn
just as you first ordained.
I take up your book and read
the gospel is full of good news
your words are  mighty indeed
in me - the Spirit renews.
The world continues to falter
confusion and chaos and hate
people have left from your altar
abandoned themselves to fate.
I still pray and repent of my sin
I still ask for forgiveness from you
you've erased where once I had been
forgotten the man I once knew.
  Feb 11 Glass
when the brain doesn't function properly
happiness is relative.
sadness is constant.
and everything matters.
yet, at the same time, nothing does.
i will overthink with an empty head.
and laugh when i feel like dying.
in a room full of people,
and i haven't said a word.
i am quite frankly,
and i have no on else to blame but me.
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