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Primo Pollux Feb 6
A Queen who found her King.
     A King who loved his Queen.
     A Princess who admired her Prince.
     Yet, I'm the Prince who fell in love
     with my servant.

    A servant who truly loves me.
    A servant who accepts on what I am.
    A servant who treats me like a rose.
    A servant that I loved the most.

    But this different fairytale
    Didn't stay that longer.
    Story that has never been free from all.
    A story with an unhappy ending.
It took me so long before I came back here in HePo.
Primo Pollux Jan 28
He who sees darkness
      made him broken into pieces.

He who sees light
      made his perfect broken night.

He who sees lovers
      made us dispersed.

He who sees lack of kindness
      made him believe in the darkness.

He who sees falsity
      no more chances for sovereignty.
Primo Pollux Jan 23
❝  ❞

To my own warmhearted and beautiful, Belle,
I apologized for detaining you here in my palace.
For I want to stop this bewitched life, alas!
Please, come with me and let us dance
With this love in relaxing harmony.

Yet, in this Little Red Riding Hood,
I'll protect you like your own Robin Hood.
Instead of bringing you these lil cookies,
I'll bring you flowers and kisses on your forehead.

“ Lay down your hair, My Rapunzel! ”
For I want to give you these alluring flowers–yellowbell.
It's me your very own Flynn,
I'm now blind yet still loving you, Darlin'.

You're my Aurora who sleeps for a thousand years.
I couldn't stop myself seeing your plump and kissable lips.
I want to stop this curse from the darkness
By giving you my first ever kiss.
Errors may be seen
Primo Pollux Jan 22
❝  ❞

        He's *** and I'm Bi.
        I said ‘ Hello ’ , he said ‘ Hi ’.
        I love him but I keep it,
        I admire him and  it's secret.

        Secretly admiring him.
        Secretly looking at him.
        Secretly stalking him.
        Secretly loving him.

        We became friends
        But sad it definitely end.
        When the time I confessed
        The true feelings of mine.
        I laughed and sighed.
        Haha! I'll be fine.

        I still talk to you
        And you do the same.
        I still love you
        But it's sad you can't do the same.

        I want you to always remember
        My love for you will stay forever.
        I love you, my everything-
        The best and gorgeous art I've ever seen.

        Again, he's *** and I'm Bi.
        I said ‘ Hi ’ but now? He can't reply.

I'm always so proud that I love someone like you.
You can't love me back and so I'll wait.
I'm sorry if I loved you.
Primo Pollux Jan 21
❝ ❞

     I know you loved me
     In the way you know.
     You freaking loved me
     In the way you didn't show.

     I know you're hugging me
     In the way you literally,
     Emotionally and physically
     Hurting me.

     I know you're giving advices
     In the way you shout
     Those wonderful killer words
     That made me cry in joy.

     I know you made me
     Feel these lovable treatments
     In the way you know
     Its a right thing to do.

     But you know what, Mom?
     I still thank you for all of these.
     I still respect you and treat you as
     the greatest mom.
     I still love you no matter what.

     Because I also know that
     You're just doing these
     Because you love me
     And you don't want me to leave.
Mothers are the best!
Primo Pollux Jan 20
❝ ❞

             My color isn't light as pink
             It is as black as ink.
             Like a place so dark
             Where the dog always barks
             Barks as their judgments
             That made me turn into fragments.

Judgments can make a person fragile.
Primo Pollux Jan 20
❝  ❞

“ How  are  you? ”
            s/he asked.

So, I answered

“ I'm

       B R  O  K E  N
       A N X I O U S



       N           E   V
       E      R              G  
       O  O                     D
       E                           N
       O                           U
       G                           H

                F     R     U
          S                        T
        R                            A
       T                              E
       D     F      R      A     G
            D   Y    I    N    G

Sorry for not telling the truth
I just don't want you to worry.
I would rather choose to keep it
Deep inside me.
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