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Ashley Jun 4
from the way that words come out your mouth,
to the way you stride towards your every destination, every little bit of you is worth my love and attention,
my adoration given only to you,
what you call flaws, I call perfect imperfections,
not a minute can go by where I don't think of you
would you do me the kindness to join me in this endless dance we call love, for I can see myself with no other partner, to me, you are perfect.
Ashley May 29
this is an instance.. one if i speak i just know i ruin everything.
just be quiet. you know how worse you make absolutely everything.
Ashley May 1
i can stare into your eyes for hours.
images of having kids getting married
and all the car rides we could ever have.
just flash of my eyes.
but i also feel that lust towards you
a lust i’ve never felt before when i look back at you again i just imagine
the way you touch me.
it drives me crazy begging you for more. i hope you feel the same way about me forever<3
Ashley Apr 20
i sometimes want to be everything amazing and good but i always feel like i just ruin lives.
Ashley Apr 18
All the praises
    Sweet sugary words
                           make me feel like the only girl in the world..
             everything just hurts..
       could it be that im over reacting..
    i just want to get drunk and snort coke..
i just don’t do it for you..
Ashley Apr 3
I can still feel him against me. even when he's just a room away
I can still feel his hands all over me.
even when they aren't
I crave so so much more
Please give me more
Let me be greedy
keep you for myself,
His lips make me fall in love
His warmth welcomes me
He is home
My Home
I love you Jace
Ashley Apr 2
it made me remember it all..
i want to cry..
im so ******* stupid..
hes right..
i do stupid ****..
i just let people walk all over me…
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