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Praveen M N Mar 2016
Lemme sing a sweet lullaby,
   to put you to sleep with a sweet memory,
   For you are the spark i see,
   That forces me to be...

   Float,my darling in my fading noise,
   for there's love beneath this caring voice,
   Sleep my love for you arent well,
   And coz am sleepy too in your intoxicating smell ;)
- Praveen M N
Praveen M N Mar 2016
Warm dreams in the cold dark night,
Your satin skin under the stars alight,
How i wish i could freeze the moment, the sight..
coz that's how beautiful you look tonight. :)
Praveen M N
Praveen M N Mar 2016
Every time my heart melts for thy,
I feel chaos in my heart and i ask why?
When i forget the world for the twinkle in your eye,
The restlessness and the longing but why ??
Like a flower on my arms when you so innocently lie,
All the questions dissolve and turn into a sigh...
Why? You ask me why the love for you my heart? i dunno,
But in you is where my heart will always lie...

- Praveen.M.N
Praveen M N Mar 2016
The warmth in my heart,
or the glow on my face..
everything's amiss,
without your embrace.

Like the light that glows
In the shadows of the dark
You shine in my heart
My lil spark :)
Praveen M N Mar 2016
As the darkness spreads
like a dark silk blanket,
I feel her sleeping
like a baby all scarlet

In me burns a flame
when i find her so close,
Then a quiver on her lips
like the winds on a rose..

A smile so sweet spreads
across her face,
My heart skips a beat and
awes in amaze.

A gaze upon me,
with a twinkle in her eye,
There's so much to say
but all i do is sigh

An innocent playful strand
runs loose astray,
jealous as i am from
where restless i lay.

Touch her, i could,
coz she sleeps on my arm
wake her up, i might
with the touch of my palm.

The moonlight shining
on her smooth soft skin,
I slowly pull out the knot
held up by the pin

The feel of her slipping hair
so soft against my cheek,
The sweet scent of jasmine
makes me so meek.

Like a floating boat i feel
in the dark sweet scent
I drown into my sleep
with a feeling all spent !
Praveen M N Mar 2016
I want to be there for
you hon I really do,
But am sure history will repeat
I'll again fall for you,

My heart wants you and,
it does not understand logic
You say its impractical,
And my heart believes in magic.

You wanted me as a friend
But I just couldn't be,
I had to move away
I needed to be free.

There you were,
exactly the same,
Buy yet so different
with no one to blame.
Praveen M N Feb 2016
The endless sky &
the infinite being,
The stars of the night
& all that I am seeing,

Sleepy eyes that
take away my heart,
The sleepy face of yours
that drove me crazy from the start,

And the glitter of happiness
when in your eyes alight,
Tantalizing and moist lips,
that are parted... slight

The mesmerizing mixture
is so clear in my mind,
I pray, appear in my dreams
sweetie please be kind.

I know you're sleeping
oblivious to all this,
I messaged to say
Good night! sealed with a kiss.

— The End —