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  Jun 2016 PR Charles
Blacklight shines across the hollow forest
As I stumble along the beaten path
Our fellowship slowly diminishes by the hour
As the night hunts its tender prey

Emotion erupts like a youthful river
Outpouring among our humble tribe
Drowning all that wade across its mighty shores
Slaughtering all that lay in its path

As darkness falls and dawn prevails
Our battle scars begin to fade
As our noble wounds must be concealed
To prevent our modest world's dismay
A night of drama and emotional distress as a young adult when all can seem at its worst.
PR Charles Jun 2016
Cold rigid steel ****** its way inside
My Skin; Quarrying away drops of blood.
I wonder where it all went wrong
Was I not kind? Not generous?
Did I not make you smile
Is it fair
That the ones closest to you
Can hurt you the most.
I trusted you alone
And you stabbed me in the back
PR Charles Jun 2016
Though he is small
He understands the empty house.
Running to his room
He hides,
Inside the duvet
Re-reading the hungry caterpillar.
Wanting to emerge from his cocoon
Into a world
Where wilted flowers grow
Inspired by short story of a boy who lost his brother

— The End —