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May 2015 · 498
potato May 2015
Favour the odds
O mere mortal man,
you board the train of the faithless
Driven by lust,
To savour the fruits
of the misguided
Be the one you want to be not what the world wants you to be.
May 2015 · 447
potato May 2015
The love for you I bear in my heart
cannot be said by mere and forgetful words
for I cannot fathom it myself
The stars that so brightly shine and
glitter from the distance are
no more than a giant ball of oblivion from the
May 2015 · 1.6k
potato May 2015
Sugar sugar dip me in sugar
oh,how i love to eat sugar
white ,white ,white
oh,what a joy when I see those little cubes,
Doesn't matter how much I eat sugar
as long as I keep brushing my calcium coated figures
sugar sugar sugar
o,how I love to eat sugar
May 2015 · 364
potato May 2015
Never has been spring so beautiful;
never has the moons and stars looked so bright;
never have I thought that this feeling could exist;
I've never felt this crazy before;
I've never been so excited to keep secrets to hold out against all odds and
say "I do";
never have I before looked at the sky and rain danced,
hoping that it would rain
never have i been an avid pulviophile
never have I written such cheesy poem;
never have I ever kissed you,
never have I ever felt your hair,never have I held your hand,
never have i said this to you;
you're the stars and moon to my solar system,
birds and bees to the flower,
night and day to the sun;
but as time goes by,
you grow old and so will this piece of art;
you may remember,you may not
as never ever has time dissapointed,
time you ****!.....
With age comes maturity so does death
May 2015 · 472
potato May 2015
There the fountain of eternity!
it's water luminary
quenching our thirsts
will give us magical longevity!
Behold its tempt!
men may fail,for it makes a fool out of them and
watch them wail
as there's no such thing
as fountain of age ....

— The End —