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Porcelain Oct 2015
It never occurred to me that one day there would be no us
The taste that your lips allowed made me forget my own name
Why were we always in such a rush?
I always took the blame

Oh God please help me now
His touch left marks on my skin
I would always vow
That I would never sin

He made me think unholy things
I’m going to hell
My heart was played like a puppet on strings
I shall not dwell

My tears felt cold
His shaky hands were on fire
His eyes shone gold
This was all so dire

You forgot my name, you forgot my love
I forgot your face, I forgot your flesh
My lips were as white as a dove
The pain you left stayed fresh
  Apr 2015 Porcelain
the stars were trying
to impersonate
your eyes tonight,
and art is trying
to make someone
love you,
the stars and art
were so convincing
that it made me vow
to cherish you
like you are
the most expensive
piece of art
and the most
unreachable star
that ever existed.
Porcelain Apr 2015
Something inside of me has snapped
& I couldn't be more empty
I couldn't be more sad
I collapsed on the floor
& *broke
Porcelain Apr 2015
it was always you
you were always the one to make me laugh
the one who made me sad
the one who made me smile

it was always you
you were always the one who made me feel safe
the one who’d put me in danger
the one who held me like I would break

it was always you
you were always the one to set my insides on fire
the one who made my lips tingle
the one who made my whole body quiver

it was always you
you were always the one who saw something within me
the one who told me I was worth it
the one who made me feel like I wasn't nothing

you were the one who made it easier to breathe
until one day you left
and suddenly I couldn’t breathe anymore
Porcelain Mar 2015
They say true love never dies.
Oh how they’re wrong because it does.
True love does die.

It happens suddenly.
It happens out of nowhere.
You could be doing anything.
Getting coffee or reading a book.
Petting your cat or going for a run.
You’re going about your business and then you see them.
That one person who made your day light up like the sun does during the first light of the day. They have that twinkle about them like the North Star.
The sweet smell like the salt in ocean water… But your day isn’t any brighter than it was before anymore.
The twinkle is gone and there’s no sweet scent that kisses your nose.
And when they touched you, your insides ignited and set you aflame.
Your blood pumped through your veins and your heartbeat quickened so fast you were sure it would beat right out of your chest.
Their skin was like honeysuckle and their lips tasted like cherries and wine you got drunk on….however, their touch left you chilled.
Your heartbeat slowed and your blood went about its normal business.
Their skin seemed paler than before and their lips tasted like stale beer and toothpaste.
You feel as though you should feel disappointed but you don’t, for you knew this would happen. You hurt for awhile but soon you find someone else who sets you on fire and smells like the beach.
You find someone else who shines like the Big Dipper and your heart beats at a rapid pace that should concern you.
You find someone else who kisses like the smell of spring and feels like untouched snow.
True love does die because if it was true love to begin with, you’d think that it’d be there forever. That it would never leave your side until it *does.
I'm not sure if this qualifies as a poem. You may interpret it however you wish.
Porcelain Mar 2015
Her eyes shone bright
Oh how her smile lit up the night
She ignited your blood
And made your bones shiver

Her kisses intoxicated you
Her touch electrified your skin
She took you places you’ve never been before
You started to believe in love

Then the days grew dark
The nights turned cold
She said, “It was never you.”
“I rather be alone.”

Days passed
Months went by
She was gone
She took your heart with her

Her spirit always ran free
She was nothing but a comet in the sky
She never stayed long
But her presence always stayed by your side
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