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Oliver Nov 2020
you drag me along on an adventure
not explaining where we’ll go
when i ask you what we’re doing
you grin and say you don’t know
we drive forever on endless roads
i stop questioning after a while
you sing to the radio with such enthusiasm
i can’t help but smile
we stop at a garage to fill up the truck
a faded sign says “ice cream this way”
i shrug and help you find the freezer
we argue, you relent, i pay
i’m barely awake when the trip finally ends
and you’re pulling me out of the door
you’re filling the truck bed with blankets
while i can’t figure out what for
you helped me in and shifted the blankets
then wrapped your arms around me too
you wanted to look at the stars
i just wanted to stare at you
I don’t post often, because stress and mental health issues mess with my creativity. Apologies.
Oliver Apr 2020
being the unimportant friend ******* hurts

never being the first choice ******* hurts

having someone laugh in your face ******* hurts

desperately wanting to be loved ******* hurts

sobbing into your pillow alone at night ******* hurts

feeling unwanted ******* hurts
Oliver Apr 2020
At 2am you’ll find me
Awake and thinking too much
I speak aloud of what I’m afraid
Using the darkness as my crutch

Sleep never comes easily
My soul simply cannot rest
With the dull ache of loneliness
And sorrow it knows best

They say 2am is for the poets
The lovers, the lonely, the inspired
But I just want to fall asleep
Can someone hold me? I’m tired
Oliver Mar 2020
I’m helplessly adrift at sea
The sinking ship abandoned me
The sky is dark, that water’s cold
I can’t find any breath to hold

Sinking beneath an icy wave
Where I find the death I crave
I try to fight against the gloom
But in the water I’m surely doomed

I close my eyes, accept my fate
A saviour comes, but it’s too late.
Oliver Mar 2020
my hands and thoughts do tremble
seeing that which i resemble
nasty snarl upon my face
reminding me i’m a disgrace
furrowed brow and clenching fist
intrusive thoughts i can’t resist
cowardly i run and hide
from everything i keep inside
Oliver Mar 2020
An eclipse of emotions
Disastrous devotions
A fleeting feeling of remorse
Taste of sorrow, sour and coarse
Trembling hands beyond the glass
I guess peace is too much to ask
Throwing fists up at the sky
Screaming “why, *******, why?”
But there’s no answer from above
This is all I get from love
Oliver Mar 2020
from tragedy
comes poetry
so thanks
i guess
for hurting me
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