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Poppy Apr 2021
I have until I had nothing left
Cried until I was drowning
Exhausted, one with the floor

All you do is take,
rip me apart
until i’m too numb to care

Always one step ahead
planning the next attack
so i’m blindsided by your actions

After every fire set in my head
and storm released in my head
I am broken

Even now when i’m just a shadow
you take and take
everything that should be mine
Poppy Apr 2021
Things come to an end,
turning the last page of the book,
the sun sets beyond the horizon,
or when you close your eyes at night

Leaves behind empty spaces
Cold silences
A lonely darkness
This uncomfortable feeling

It’s something you have to own
because you will say goodbye
time and time again
but it doesn’t hurt less
Poppy Apr 2021
Back and forth
like we’re playing tennis
I hit the hall
and you slam it back

We exist on different roads
that never join in the middle
Instead get further and further away
until we’re opposite sides of this world

I could scream my thoughts
and they would fall to the ground
Whilst yours float to the sky,
gone above the clouds
Poppy Apr 2021
Sometimes my thoughts
get jumbled,
random words stuck together
No coherent sentences

And I have to take
each word
and stick it together
with the next
And I write it down

Those thoughts
in ink
become one with the page
Poppy Apr 2021
Pinks and oranges
seep into the blue
Clouds ripple through
Sun dips beyond horizon
Super Moon takes centre stage
ready for the big performance
As darkness rises
it makes you remember that
there’s nothing more beautiful
than the sky
Poppy Apr 2021
To be alone at night
sat on my windowsill
I never feel truly alone
Not when I can draw
faces in the stars
and when I look up
the Moon smiles back
What a comfort
to be surrounded by this
Poppy Apr 2021
I’m sat at a crossroad,
can’t remember my way home
Someone’s stolen all the signs,
I think they stole the Sun too
It’s dark and i’m cold
Moon shivers behind thick clouds
My feet too tired to follow a path
So here I sit in the middle,
maybe until someone returns the sun
and I can see clearly again
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