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Nov 2017 · 365
Poppy Nov 2017
My mother makes afternoon tea
And small talk to neighborhood ladies.
Moments later she heads outside
To watch the children play  
The sound of their laughter
Bubbling towards the blue sky.
Seasons past, days grey
Neighborhood friends retreat indoors.
Mother shrinks
The sunlight no longer meets her eyes,
She works the nightly hospital shift.
I worry her skin wraps too tightly around her bones
But when I ask, she smiles, takes my hand
And whispers something about old summer days.
happy thanksgiving! :)
Aug 2016 · 376
Fall Festivity
Poppy Aug 2016
Fall is a extravagant grandeur
The finale of the seasonal livelihood
And the great composer flourishes its splendor
In a celebration of withered elegance.
Breezes whistle their chilling melody,
As trees strip their kaleidoscopic gowns.
Soft brown earth twinkles of warm rubies and gold,
And the sky is tinted with a silver haze.
Fragrant cinnamon spices
Mingle with pumpkin nutmeg.
From the distance, birds sing
A tweet-tweet autumn masterpiece.
Yet the grumbling vagrant saunters by
cursing the coming cold
between his chattering teeth.
Aug 2016 · 469
Poppy Aug 2016
When I run, the world bleeds
into a spectrum of colored lights
My soles hit the cobblestone in a
Pitter-patter rhythm
Harmonious with the thump-thump of
My heart.
As the familiar breeze caresses my sweat-laden cheeks
I immerse myself in a blurred reality.  
Birds are flying beyond me
And I am
Flying free.
Hello all! I know I haven't been active for quite the time, so thank you for everybody who's stuck with me! I look forward to catching up on all the great poetry I've missed. I'm currently working on submissions to a young adult magazine right now.  Any comments/critiques on the next few pieces will be much much appreciated!

Stay rad,
Apr 2016 · 476
Poppy Apr 2016
I stare at the waves,
as they beckon me to join
their enchanting in-out sway.
Like ballerinas, they lap in an
ambient choreography
and twinkle with each movement
under a white hot sun.
Yet devils lurk beneath the surface.
The beauty is only a
Knowing, I stay planted
to the white hot sand,
at the waves ahead.
Nov 2015 · 333
Poppy Nov 2015
A writer’s words resonate power
Beyond the extent of a pharaoh's kingdom.
For Thutmose’s reign crumbled and fell,
in the vastness of time.
Sandy decay blankets ancient splendor.
His monuments forever gone.
Yet the scribe’s meditations
immortalized in papyrus,
weaved ancient Egyptian culture
into the great mosaic of human history.
Aug 2015 · 557
Poppy Aug 2015
Hers a blossoming smile
his a meager frown
and hand in hand
they walked through downtown
but right before they separated
he whispered in her ear
"Might wanna cut down on the fat, you know?"
"It gets a little hard to bear."
she bit her words back
then nodded her head
though the damage was done
and she was already dead.
don't listen to him
Aug 2015 · 481
Mirror, mirror
Poppy Aug 2015
Mirror mirror, on the wall
who's the prettiest of them all?
She gazes into her bloodshot eyes
waiting for mirror to rightfully advise
then its quiet voice sneaks into her mind
and leaves one breaking line behind
"not you, fatty."
"not you."

and with that, she cries.
but mirror, mirror was telling a lie.
another one because I can't resist haha
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
Poppy Aug 2015
Who could've known
the same little girl
who pranced along the sidewalk
not a care in this world,
would wither away
in Nylon magazines
frail fingers skimming
from page through p a g e
of beautiful
bodies she'd never have
but maybe, just maybe
she could
only if she starves herself.
so hey guys!
Its been a while...
Okay, more than a while.
A LONG time.
Sorry about that...
Thanks for not all abandoning me in the meantime, you guys are the best. :)
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Those Lying Truths
Poppy Mar 2015
Mellifluous lies are smoother to the ear
Than concrete truths we urge to hear
Although we shame upon the libertine's lies
The same is sneaking into our own cries

By venomous guile we cattily advise
For others to avoid to the evil and unwise
But when we hypocrites take off the veil
One can truthfully see we are what we assail
So in a nutshell, the message of this is that we sometimes are hypocrites.

Oh, and I've been really inactive for a looong time, but I'm (hopefully) making a comeback!
Jan 2015 · 781
Warmth of a love
Poppy Jan 2015
He possessed an alluring aura
Weakening my soul and heart

Brilliant aquatic eyes
Dragged me closer
Unbeknownst my will

His hand lunged for mine
Scarlet lips stretched thin
A mellow brush against my blush

His stroke closed my eyelids
Fingers serenely entangled away from mine
Encircled my body
Slithered along my back

My breathing stopped.

Buh dum.

Buh dum.

Buh dum.

A heat rising on my cheeks
Imprisoned onto his chest

Buh dum.

Buh dum.

A voice roused upwards in warning.

Then suddenly at the moment.

I threw up.
I've been wanting forever to write this. Haha
Jan 2015 · 2.6k
ALERT (Not poem)
Poppy Jan 2015
You may already be aware of a message currently showing up in the HP message boxes from a female(supposedly) identifying herself only as "Miss Stephanie". She states that she saw/read your profile and is interested you, and has something important to tell you. She asks that you reply with YOUR email, then gives an email address supposedly belonging to her. No other information is given.
She will post two, or more poems, probably in an effort to gain trust and establish credibility. She may even mention the on-going situation with Boko Haram, or some other conflict. THIS IS A SCAM!! Once your email falls into the wrong hands, there are untold numbers of consequences.DELETE it immediately, then BLOCK IT.
Please pass this on!

Richard Riddle
This  was sent to me by fellow poet Richard Riddle. SO ITS TOTALLY NOT MINE - I'M JUST SPREADING THE MESSAGE. I did receive a message from her before though. Her name is "stephanibaby." "She" did post one poem that gained 1,000 views, but it was stolen from another poet.
Jan 2015 · 4.4k
Poppy Jan 2015
A sandstorm of white crystals
Swiveling through the road
Twirling downwards in heavenly armies
Blanketing every abode
Inspired by what it looks like outside
Jan 2015 · 703
Thank You
Poppy Jan 2015
Dear my friends of HP,
            I began my journey here on December 2nd, 2014.  "Oh my gosh! This is an awesome place to showcase my work!!!" I had thought. I yearned to be one who possess a heap of daily poems, one who has 1,000 loyal followers, and one who is complimented by the experienced and noble. To put in the simplest words, I wanted attention.

On month later, my view of Hello Poetry has completely changed.

Okay, yes, I admit to still having that nagging desire for attention, but still, that's not the reason I'm completely in love with this website.

In my observations, Hello Poetry is an asylum.
We are a force of writers, composed of the depressed, the scarred, the empty, the lost, the wise, and the young. This is our asylum where can pour our hearts out and have someone listen.

In my observations, Hello Poetry is a chain of Neverlands.
Just face it. A poet's imagination is beyond anyone else's. On HP, we design the glistening lagoons, colossal mountains and the idiosyncratic (just googled this word) creatures of our own Neverlands. And they are magnificent.

In my observations, Hello Poetry is a community.
Wait a second.
Scratch that.
We are a family.
We have grown to
To love together.
To weep together.
To encourage each other.
To fight each other.
To fight together.
To rest on each other's shoulders.
To propel each other up.
To be together. United. Poets.
Yeah, a family. I like the sound of that.

                                                               ­             Thanks for listening,  Poppy
Thanks to:
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Poppy Jan 2015

Prances along
Licking at the edges.
Scarlet heat has no master
Prunes muscles. Evolves larger.  
Engulfs everything with a simple step.
Roused by devouring power. Beastly snicker.
Sprints across dry terrain. A turbulent, chaotic menace.
Lips of flaming peril. Claws of bloodlust. Slashes. Gnaws. Guzzles.

Annoyed by pesky liquid. Swats away distractedly.

splish splash
Stirs frustrated growl. Hides pain. Narrows flames

splish splash splish
Backing away. Body throbbing.

splash splish splash splish *
Hollering in raw affliction.

splash splish splash splish splash
Screams muffled. Fading.


The last three lines are kind of messed up...

To Joe Cole, who asked for simplicity and creativity
Jan 2015 · 945
HE (Book Poem Challenge)
Poppy Jan 2015
Gnashed heart
Dripping with agony
Slashed soul
Battered into bread crumbs and Mayan ruins
Melancholy rivers
Streaming down sagged cheeks
Unlit corners
Knife gleams
Unbearable anguish.

Where is he?

He is here. Forever by your side.
Be soothed.
The obstacles he prepared
Not too deep
Not too wide
Not too tall
For he knows you.

He knows your gnashed heart
Your slashed soul
Your tears
Your thoughts
Your pain
Behind locked rooms
Everything you hide.

And he  knows his plan.
For you to thrive
To give hope.
To give a future.
He loves you.

Listen to this proclamation!
He was beaten!
For you!
Because he loves you!

Let him flicker light in your dark thoughts
Let him carry your burdens
Let him wipe away your tears
Let you put your faith in him.

For he is here
By your side
He count: 7
Dec 2014 · 557
You and I
Poppy Dec 2014
“Who is I?” This blue guy sighed.
“I is you!” I replied to guy.
“You is me?” the guy asked back.
“You is you!”  I said with a whack.

“I is I.” I pointed to me.
“And you are you!” I pointed to he.
“I isn’t you and you isn’t I.
“Why, you’re making my mind fry!”

“I be me.” blue guy realized.
“Me no you.” I said to the guy.
“You are only you.
"I am only I!”
“I’m happy you realized why.” said the guy.
Just a playful piece
Dec 2014 · 28.6k
Poppy Dec 2014
Remember our father
beaming as he rode his tattered bicycle home
Remember our neighbors
gawking at the sunset nestled in his arm
Remember our drool
dripping unnoticeably as he sliced open the alien fruit
Remember our core
planted after we gnawed off every juicy chunk
Remember our joy
blossoming bigger. stronger. with us
Remember the enigmatic men
shoved our father off his bike
Remember the guns.
Fired at our neighbors. Forced to flee at dusk.
Remember the run.
Guzzling our drool to satisfy the burning thirst
Remember the wandering
Starvation gnawing at our minds
Yet remember our hope
Preserving the memories of before and pushing us
to an after
I've received an overwhelming, incomprehensible amount of response to this piece, so I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody. XOXOXOXOXOXO
Dec 2014 · 6.5k
Sushi! (10W)
Poppy Dec 2014
A rainbow bundled in seaweed
Perfectly salty
Dash of sweet
This poem is totally random, but I'm just thinking about food right now.
Dec 2014 · 2.5k
Poppy Dec 2014
"Die." they chanted.
They beat him.
Hurled insults.
He never retaliated.

"Weak!" they shouted.
Hung him.
Blood on his face.
Tears in his eyes.

"Ha!" they mocked.
But he loved them.
Wanted them back.
And he died

To save them.

His name was Jesus.
Dec 2014 · 3.0k
Poppy Dec 2014
Grandpa: He is a knowledgeable Redwood Tree
Fostering generations of creatures

Grandma: She is a benign elephant
Gently nursing her beloved children

Father: He is a roaring lion
An unyielding beast that shields his kin

Mother: She is an assiduous ant
Constantly cleaning, cooking, and caring

Twins: They are pepper and salt
Inimitable personalities, but always together

Sister: She is a carefree duckling
Striving to flourish into a majestic swan

Brother: He is duct tape
Annoyingly sticky, but endlessly helpful
Imagine if this family was real. The twins will be like, "Don't eat me! My daddy will bite your neck off!"

Okay. That totally ruined the mood, but I have to note it.
Dec 2014 · 1.6k
Poppy Dec 2014
Lightning slices sky
Rain explosions on floors
Thunder screeches, screams
This is just a simple haiku about a rainstorm.
Dec 2014 · 3.1k
Poppy Dec 2014
Thousands of lights shine the way
For ardor tourists who've come to play
Legendary skyscrapers wave hello
The jaw-dropped crowd stand frozen below

With bulging eyes they whirl around
By noon they've memorized every inch of the ground
When it’s time for bedtime they’re busted into confusion
(New York never sleeps!) But the tourists are ready to state their unsurprising conclusion

“It’s true! They chant. New York’s a jewel!”
“Their iconic hot dogs make us drool!”
“All Broadway musicals deserve standing ovations.”
“We’ll definitely include “The Yankees” in baseball conversations.”

They can't stop loving, singing, praising!
They can't stop thinking, "New York's amazing!"
This is my first poem! I know I ended it too briskly, but I wasn't sure what to write after the chanting. Comment?


— The End —