Poppy Dec 2016

The weight on your shoulders,
It's the universe you hold within you.
The pressure on your chest,
It's the constellations wrapping around your soul,
To remind you you're not alone.

Let the light and the darkness collide together.
Let them bring you up.
Let them help you become the biggest star,
Even brighter than the sun.
For you don't have a life, you're life.

Poppy Dec 2016

We're told to be careful of the monsters under our bed,
To be aware of the darkness.

And as we grow, we're taught that they're aren't real,
Just product of our minds,
Our childish imagination.
Products of the thoughts of little kids after a scary movie,
A door semi opened.

But they didn't warn us of the monsters on the streets,
The monsters behind the jewelry,
Behind the fancy clothes, and pockets full of money.

They didn't tell you about the creatures on disguise,
The ones with words sharper than knifes, with fists harder than walls. Hearts as cold and hard as steel.

They didn't tell you because they're the claws, making you bleed,
The glowing eyes in the darkness causing you to shiver.
The growling sounds making you cry.

They're the monsters,
Don't worry.
You'll become one of them, too.

Poppy Sep 2016

He was the stars in the sky,
In which I put my faith.
He was the moon,
To which I stare unceasingly.
He was the sun,
That lighted up my days.
He was the trees,
That gave me oxygen to breathe.

He is the voice,
That makes me cry at night.
He is the fist,
That makes flinch every time.
He is the hand,
That pulls the trigger,
And takes my life.

Poppy Sep 2016

From darkness, they rise.
Cracking her beliefs.
Shattering her being.

Tormenting her,
Turning her existence
into a living agony.
Every night, they come visit,
Play games with her head.
Amusement to them,
A torture for her.

Relishing their wicked reign,
Of horrors and pain.
For her, she wants to die,
Or at least, run and hide.

Hide away from them,
From the evil inside of her.
There was where they were.

Going back to
their heinous lair,
When the morning
light shines bright.

And they await
in the shadows,
To come out,
and play again at night.

Poppy Sep 2016

Because she was made of tiny little particles,
Full of life and mirth,
A beautiful constellation,
That was her.

Poppy Sep 2016

Anyone in this world has the right to define who you are.
That's your job, your right and your decision.

But if I could advise you one thing, it'd be this:

Love freely, live wisely and choose properly.
Have a life you're proud of.
But most important of all:
Have the life you want to.

Poppy Sep 2016

But when you see the stars,
Do you think of us?

Do you remember when you breathed life into me, and ignited a fire in my soul?
When you started a feeling so profound, it brought to life every cell of my body?

When you go to sleep,
Do you dream of me?

Do you imagine a new ending, where our paths join back together once more?
Do you ever feel remorse because this could have been more than what it was?

When you wake up,
Do you ever wish I was there?

Do you miss the heat of our bodies close to each other?
Our heartbeats beating at the same pace?

Oh, darling.
I do.

Do you?

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